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Birthdate:Oct 8
Website:Y'all STILL haven't asked us.
Sing your heart out, sing it like you mean it, you're gonna sing everything you're thinking, and you're gonna sing it until they're listening.
- against me!, "Rice + Bread".

Action comes easy, it's the moments just before that are hard, when I've got to get my voice and my fist on the same page as my heart.
- defiance, ohio

I'd like to have a fanatic and socially accepted devotion to Tom Jones.
-The Good Skamaritans


I want to write, "I came to kick ass and steal tofu. And I'm all outta tofu." But that would be lame. Instead, you get nothing good at all.


[not solely friends-only any longer. There's still some friends-only posts, and I haven't unlocked anything yet.]

If I add you, it's probably because I like your writing, or you are a friend of a friend. I just may not tell you that I've added you, because I'm sneaky like that.
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