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Man, I am bored.

Scott is being a computer nerd, and I'm not quite well enough to go wandering around (I'm still having to take breaks sometimes after strenuous things). So I am sitting here, being superbored. Le sigh.

What did I used to do on the internet that filled up so much time? I no longer remember.

I suppose watching a bad movie will have to do, even if I watched it a few months ago when it was on this same channel.

Blargh. I shall stop!
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Urgh. I wish today would end, like, 5 hours ago.
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Apparantly "I'll send it in half an hour" really means "You sit and wait at Scott's computer, and I'll send it eventually...some day...but definitely not before at least an hour...yeah."

So, the annoying Director at work, whom I've recently not had to deal with so much because of "realignment" and things like that, is totally keeping me waiting on a freaking Sunday afternoon. I'm supposed to update our website but I cannot do that WITHOUT THE FREAKING STORY THAT IS TO GO ON THE WEBSITE! And she totally called over an hour ago saying I'd have it in a half an hour, and it has not shown up yet. GRRR!

And I get to deal with this because the actual webmaster is off helping his girlfriend give birth to their baby. BAH! (Okay, I'm totally kidding about being annoyed by that - I think both J & S are awesome, and I am so excited that they're having their baby this weekend, and I cannot wait to visit them all.)

But it's so annoying checking my email, and not having anything waiting for me. I just want to post the story!


Half an hour apparantly means two hours later. But I got it up within half an hour of receiving it, so it's all good. And I watched a movie for most of the time that I was waiting, so it could have been worse.
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It's only Tuesday, and I already feel like I'll go insane if I HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS ONE STUPID SPREADSHEET AGAIN!

Of course, I'm probably going to have to look at the stupid thing at least 10 times a day from now until November 10. *SOB!*


except playing with fill colours. that's the only fun part.
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I now officially have the position I applied for. No official start date, though, but it looks like it will be late July. Who wants to bet that they'll not have started to replace me while I'm away on vacation? Because I'm sure they won't have. Because that seems to be how it works here.

But I'm excited, and lots of people are excited for me, and the rest of the department I'm joining is excited to have me, so that's awesome.

And soon I will be heading off to North Carolina and New York State (and hopefully NYC, since I've never been there), for visits, and parties, and woo! I'm excited to have a whole week away from the work phones. Even if we did just get fancy new ones (that were not set up correctly so that I couldn't sign in until an hour after I got to work. Oh well!) that are very pretty, and fun to play around with (so many ring tones!).

I can't decide what I want to do tonight. I may watch some more CSI, but this past disc wasn't burnt very well, so it would get stuck every once in a while and annoy me, and I'm worried the rest of the discs are the same. Le sigh. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Blah blah blah.

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