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About 2 and a half hours ago, I realized my plans for the day were shot. Completely. I had been planning to go to the job place downtown to see if they have different postings than the stuff online, and to see if they have any other services I might use. Then I was going to apply to tons and tons of jobs, and maybe try to catch a showing of Lars and the Real Girl sometime this evening, since I'm pretty sure it's still on at the Bookshelf.

However, when I went downstairs with the intention of working out, I realized that our basement had flooded. Thankfully, it's only the "new" section, as the original basement is fine. And it's only most of the new section, not all of it. Stupid thaw, and stupid massive rainstorm!

Our lovely neighbours have a wet vac they're letting me borrow, so there is no more of me, kneeling with a towel and bucket, trying to attack an inch of water in a 14' X 14' space (that's a guess).

I have figured out that the water most likely comes in from the door to the backyard, as that's really flooded. First thing in the spring, we're totally shoring up the sides of the house with dirt angled away from the house! And my plan for a hollyhock and peony garden at one side of the entranceway may not be a good idea, if that's where the water gets in. Although, I never water them, so maybe it would be okay afterall.

Anyway, I should probably get back at sucking up water. At least my hands won't be prune-y now. There goes my "vacation".

And Scott is totally taking over when he gets home.
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Apparently I jinxed myself last night while talking to Scott and D. I mentioned that I'd been able to fend off StankMastaC on the bus both ways yesterday. Seriously, he is a nasty-smelling and greasy-looking man who I really hate having to sit with, and it is an awesome day when I don't have to sit with him. It was seriously the highlight of my terrible day yesterday that I didn't have to sit with him.

Anyway, today on the way home, he totally sat with me. The dude smells like he's been rolling in dirt all day. Le sigh.

Oh well. A dancing Chuck is an awesome Chuck, so there's that, atleast.
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Today did not end up going well. A flourescent lightbulb exploded near me, and got in my hair, so I spent all afternoon (and I'm still doing it) thinking that there's glass in my hair. Then things were annoying, with people running in and out of the office while I was trying to concentrate, being spat on (not on purpose) while my annoying co-worker stood too close to me (and touched me), listening to my boss chew loudly, finding out that our holiday party next week can't go on where we wanted it to, since there's renovations blocking the accessible entrance, and on and on.

Dinner was supposed to be nice - I went out with Scott and his friend. Sadly, it didn't end up that way, as my Orange Dreamsicle smoothie was not Creamsicle-tasting enough, and I didn't read the description of my entree closely enough, because it came with meat sauce. So I had to scrape the sauce off my ravioli, and thus lost most of the cheese as well. So I'm hungry, and disappointed, and annoyed.

But at least I'm not watching Hairspray (2007), which is fun. And hopefully Scott's friend will be able to point out where his girlfriend is in the movie, since I wasn't able to figure it out when I saw it in the theatre.
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I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but a bunch of us at work have put together a basketball team, and are playing on Wednesday nights in a local league. We signed up for the "we suck, but we're just playing for fun" section, but we seem to be one of the few teams who actually do suck and play for fun - every other team strikes us as a bunch of boys who are super good at playing basketball and want to make themselves feel really fucking awesome by beating people who haven't played in at least 10 years, and asking a couple girls to join their team so that they can keep playing in this league and making themselves seem like bigger men because they win.

The team tonight was just ridiculous - they were beating us by over 20 points (and in this league, all baskets are one point, no matter where they're shot from), and they were STILL doing picks, and trying to steal the ball from us before we could even get out of our defensive zone after they'd gone out of bounds, or whatever. This was the first team we played that didn't make it at least a little fun. Jerks. So they're the first team that we're not giving full spirit points to. Bah to them.

And I was having internet/email problems at home, but now it's all sorted out - yay! Maybe I'll actually write interesting things. Ha.

But now I'm tired and sore (my own teammate hurt me - not on purpose, but I totally had the ball when he wrenched it from me and jammed my ring finger. It feels almost like the ones I sprained back in highschool, except without quite so much of the "Oh god! They feel like they're on fire!"ness), so I'm just going to veg out with a movie then go to bed so I can be up early to start going to the gym again.
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I think I need to make a Canadian version of this hoodie, especially considering I have that particular sentiment in a patch and button, and I'm wearing all black in mourning today (sort of. But I wear all black to work at least once a week, anyway).

Sadly, the person I voted for did not win. BOO. But hey, it's $1.50 for the NDP at the very least.

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