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Man, I am bored.

Scott is being a computer nerd, and I'm not quite well enough to go wandering around (I'm still having to take breaks sometimes after strenuous things). So I am sitting here, being superbored. Le sigh.

What did I used to do on the internet that filled up so much time? I no longer remember.

I suppose watching a bad movie will have to do, even if I watched it a few months ago when it was on this same channel.

Blargh. I shall stop!
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When I was bored and used to spend hours wasting time on the internet, where did I go? I need something to do, since I'm almost finished straightening up the supply cupboard. I am the only one in the office, and since I only started on Tuesday, I seriously don't have much to do.

I should have brought the URLs for my other job. Damn.

I'm kidding. (Maybe.) But I seriously don't know what I'll do after this hour is over.

ETA: I know! I'll eat my spaghetti with two wooden coffee stirers acting as chopsticks, because I forgot cutlery and I have no idea where there might be any in this place. That will take time. Good thing I brought my Tide pen - I'm thinking I'll be sloppy. Which is also good that there's no one else here. Heh.
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I'm avoiding doing work, so...

Meme thing )

Oh, 16.5. I am a little spoiled.
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Stolen from [ profile] cosmorific, who I thought of this morning as I walked by a woman wearing a Bryn Mawr hoodie.

1. Scan my interests list and pick out one that seems odd to you or one you don't understand.
2. I'll explain it.
3. Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests!
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Yeah, I'm behind the times, but I'm bored. So:

iTunes meme )


Sep. 2nd, 2005 09:14 pm
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Because I got bored )

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