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My cat is in love with the Kratz Brothers.

It all started a while ago when the bad Saturday morning television on CBC I usually watched wasn't on, and instead The Kratz Brothers Be the Creature show was on instead. It was about birds, and Kaylee totally flipped over it. She was batting the screen, running around in circles, and then started batting one (and only one) of the Kratz Brothers.

So every Saturday after that, I'd make sure to turn on the TV for that hour so she could have some fun.

The other week I'd forgotten to turn on the TV in time. So she sat in the living room, meowing like crazy, and I was all "What do you want? You're fed. You've got toys. You've got water...WHAT?!" Then I looked at the clock, and realized her show had started a couple of minutes earlier. So I turned it on, and she was fine.

This morning I had the TV on for some distraction while doing dishes. Once I realized I was subjecting Kaylee (and myself) to The View, I hurried to change the channel, and decided to relive my childhood by watching some Mr. Dressup. And what comes on after Mr. Dressup? The Kratz Brothers' first show, Zooboomafoo! And Kaylee loves it, too.

I don't know if it's the brothers or the animals that she loves. When Daily Planet has animal stuff on, she doesn't bat an eye. But those Kratz Brothers? She goes crazy for them! She's currently sitting about a foot from the tv, craning her neck up to watch. Every once in a while I hear that static-y sound of her hitting the screen.

My cat is crazy. And a TV addict! I'm a terrible mother.


Sep. 20th, 2005 08:44 pm
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What's that? Oh my! It's Kaylee! )

I hope that worked.

ETA: It did! Click it for a larger pic.


Aug. 30th, 2005 09:15 pm
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I don't know what's been up for the last while (and by while, I mean last couple of years. Or three). I used to write all sorts of crap (and sometimes even passably good stuff!) but I haven't done anything remotely like that for a long time now.

It makes me kind of sad.

I don't know how to get myself back into it. I guess I just need to suck it up, and sit here and just write something, anything, whatever comes into my head, like I used to. And not care at all that I've been at a computer at work all day, or that it's maybe not very good (that's what friends-only and private entries are for, right?), or that it's not about anything at all.

I should just make like The Tick and ride that wave, and suck that lozenge!


The cat is good! Her name is Kaylee, and she's supersweet, and she still sleeps on my pillow at night. Pictures eventually (give me a couple more weeks).


This morning when I left my apartment, I was very happy to hear my next door neighbour listening to the Joel Plaskett Emergency. It was surprising, but a nice start to the day. I'd never have guessed that she liked the JPE. I guess sometimes I don't give people enough credit (because I totally would have pegged her as listening to the same crap as the asshole who lives above me. But I'd pretty much assume that about anyone until they proved me wrong).


Sometimes I just wish I could scream and not sound like an idiot.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 10:48 pm
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I have a cat!

She's supercute, and affectionate (a little meow-y, but I think it's just the adjusting).

Currently her name is Cat Face (what kind of a loser names their cat Cat Face? Oh right, the kind of loser that doesn't brush their cat, or trim their nails. The fuck?), and I think that may remain her nickname (because it's ridiculously funny). Cameron suggested Millie (for George/Millie on Dead Like Me), and that's an option for her name. But it got me thinking of other female characters from TV shows that I like, so I'm also debating Kaylee and Willow. (I'm a loser, yes.) I'm also worried that Millie sounds too much like my own name.

I've taken one photo of her on my Joycam. When I figure out how I can post it (or if I make Scott bring his digital camera and take photos), I will totally post it here for y'all to see.

And this Humane Society person was totally all, "heart murmur? It's nothing. Lots of cats have them." so that's ... heartening. (groan)
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Sadly (for me), the cat I wanted at the Humane Society has been adopted by his foster parents because the vet decided the cat needed to stay there longer, so I guess they just decided to go for it.

But I found another cat there that I'd like to adopt, and they've put it on hold for me, since I need to talk to the vet tomorrow about the cat's heart murmur. Hopefully it won't be anything major.

One day I'll get to have a cat!
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The info on the cat I want to adopt from the Humane Society has been removed from the site.

PLEASE let it be because I inquired about adopting him, and not because someone else got in there and adopted him before me!

I'm assuming it is the first thing, though, because I got an email from the Humane Society this morning explaining how the adoption process would work, and she didn't say anything about the cat already being adopted, and since I specifically mentioned which one I was interested in, you'd think she'd have said something if he was adopted.

He's SOOOO cute, and I don't want someone else to get him!


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