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Dear Ambulette,

HOLY CRAP! You are the best opening band that I've seen in a long time! Wow.

Thank you,


Dear Rainer Maria,

I don't know how you do it, but you get better and better every time I see you play. I wouldn't think it was possible, since you so often blow me away, but somehow you do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Much love,

P.S. The blue skull t-shirt design is great! I wish I had the extra cash to actually purchase it, instead of admiring it from afar.


Dear person in front of me for RM's set,

Thank you for smelling like LUSH! It was a lovely treat to see not only an awesome band, but to smell something yummy for their whole set! Much better than that show where the dude in front of me kept farting.

Yours in LUSHiness,


Dear S & A,

Sorry you missed the show - I hope everything is (as) okay (as it can be) with Olivia...please let me know if I can do anything.



Dear former co-workers,

Sucks to be you - you should have come to the show! But at least a bunch of you are now listening to Rainer Maria, which is pretty darn awesome.

Missing your entertaining randomness,
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Dear dude in front of me tonight at the concert,

PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN! There is no need to constantly have them in the air, ESPECIALLY when you're not pumping them up and down with any kind of rhythm that matches the music. SO GET YOUR DAMN HANDS OUTTA MY WAY!

Plus, there was NO NEED to hoist your shirt up over your head so that it only covered part of your back. No one needs to see that. Pasty white winter flesh is not a good look for anyone. But I am glad that you put your shirt back on properly before you bumped into me on your way out of the building.

no love,


Dear Pearl Jam,

That was pretty fun. Thanks.



Dear what- or who- ever cut my wrist,

That was not nice! But thank you for not making it hurt.

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Tonight was Anti-Flag and Bad Religion!

For a while I was unsure how I felt about Anti-Flag, because I was having troubles aligning their politics to their moving to RCA (or whatever record label they moved to), but tonight, after the first song when (Chris) #2 reamed out some asshole for grabbing a girl's breasts (and she didn't look older than 15) and then proceeded to instruct women that when they're being sexually harrassed by asshole sexists, to jam their thumbs into the asshole's eyes, I decided that I could forgive them their new record label, because damn do I ever love #2.

I also thought that if I ever did get a tattoo, it would likely be the Anti-Flag star made of broken machine guns (the one on the right here, but without the band's name).

Bad Religion were awesome. I love aging punks. There's not much more to say than that.

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