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The Waldo Ultimatum (a parody of the Bourne movies).

Bourne Parody on

lolcat fun

Mar. 7th, 2008 02:45 pm
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This lolcat is pretty damn awesome.
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Henry Rollins and Heidi May are funny.

The earliest video clip contains frozen rodents and a frozen snake, if you're at all squeamish. But they're funny.

And it's interesting to see Henry Rollins' apartment. It's a lot more sparse than I would have thought.
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While not quite as cool as the London Underground Thriller video I posted a while ago, this Toronto Subway Dancing vid is pretty neat (I especially like the dude at the 4-minute mark who busts out the breakdancing moves).
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I wish stuff like this happened while I was on the subway. That's awesome.

Sadly, I tend to get people who either smell like ass, or yell "Faggotville!" and other homophobic shit when we pull into a specific station. Why don't I ever get to see the awesome? My timing sucks.

Fun stuff

Jan. 31st, 2008 02:54 pm
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I'm over a year late to the party, but Brotherhood 2.0 is totally making my day.

I only wish I'd found it earlier this week, so I could have enjoyed it throughout my whole illness (Hi. I've been sick since Monday. Not cool.), but atleast I've found it now and can enjoy it. I'm only halfway through January 2007, so I've got pretty much a whole year to go.
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Yay! I have a new mouse at work. So exciting. My old one was nasty and...really damn old. And it didn't have a scroll thing, either.

Yesterday I hung out with my university friend Stina, who I hadn't seen in ages. Hooray! Very fun - we wandered around, window shopped, sniffed yummy LUSH products, and had dinner. She even waited in line at the bus station with me!

Tonight I am visiting Cameron! Hooray x2! We are going to watch movies with zombies and crazy clowns, and eat delicious food (and some not-so-good-for-you food), and have fun! I haven't had a movie night with Cam in a very long time, so it is exciting.

And yesterday, on my way to meet Stina, I stopped in a Propaganda, and oh my god, so many cute "One Angry Girl" bags! I need them all (except the one I already have, but I do need the matching wallet for that one now). Oh, to be independently wealthy. Or even just wealthy. Twice yesterday I ended up talking about winning the lottery with people; we all decided we'd splurge on something fun, and donate the rest (to various charities, and to TROMA films. Heh!). And then I promptly forgot to buy a lottery ticket (not that I do very often).
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I missed it last year, but dude, Band Madness is so much fun! It's the musical version of March Madness. 512 artists/bands of various decades and genres are voted on by fans, until only one is left standing. Nine Inch Nails won last year, and so were retired this year. Round 1, Bracket A ends tonight, but there's still more to go, so vote!

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