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I've only been a little productive today, my first day of "Christmas Vacation".

I've slept in, made some oatmeal, fed the cat and cleaned around her dishes (she is a very messy eater), watched Little Miss Sunshine (on our new tv! It's pretty giant) while very slowly cleaning the living room (still not finished), and watched Against Me!: We're Never Going Home.

I need to:
finish cleaning the living room
clean the dining room
There was vacuuming! And bonus front hall cleaning! And then I cleaned the vacuum!
clean the bathroom
do the dishes with bonus drain de-clogging!
clean the kitchen
bake: gingersnaps and snowballs (the regular kinds, and the kinds for my sister, with no wheat and no eggs)
make cranberry pistachio white chocolate bark
get dressed

clean Kaylee's litter box
wrap presents
pack for Christmas outings to my parents' and Scott's parents' places

Let's see what I can do.
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The full list of books I read )

Fiction - 27
Non-Fiction - 8
Young Adult - 29
Overall Total = 64

Canadian Authors - 13 and a half (a book with two authors where one is Canadian)
Female Authors - 46
(This time I am not including YA in fiction/non-fiction counts)

The Good Fairies of New York - Martin Millar
Punk rock fairies? Hell yeah! Very entertaining.
The Gum Thief - Douglas Coupland
An interesting look at the relationship between a teenager and her co-worker, who turns out to have gone to highschool with her mother.
The Line Painter - Claire Cameron
And I'm not just listing it because I won a copy. It really was interesting. A woman's partner dies, and she heads on a road trip up north, where her car breaks down. Creepiness and weirdness ensues.
The Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, 1-3 - Bryan Lee O'Malley
Fun story, and it's neat recognizing places in the story, since they take place in Toronto. I really need to get #4.

Television Without Pity: 752 Things We Love to Hate (and Hate to Love) About Television - Tara Ariano & Sarah Bunting
I love trivia, especially pop culture trivia, and this book offers way more than I'd ever need to know about television
On a Cold Road - Dave Bidini
A re-read, but I love it. Recounts touring adventures of Canadian bands.

Young Adult:
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - Rachel Cohn & David Leviathan
So good. She wrote Norah's POV, he wrote Nick's. I really enjoyed it (which is why I read it more than once).
Mosh Pit - Kristyn Dunnion
I love YA books about punk stuff, apparently. Plus, it's Canadian!

Apparently I read fewer books this year than last year (I read 78 in 2006). I hope to read more this year. And I hope to read more Fiction than YA next year (even if YA is totally one of my guilty pleasures).
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first lines )

I didn't realize until I did this thing how little I actually posted this year. In July, my first and only post was on July 26th. That was the worst month.

Coming Up: Books I Read in 2007, and Movies I Watched in 2007.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve!

3 things

Nov. 7th, 2007 05:36 am
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Three things I think about on the bus, in between sleeping and daydreaming that I'm in whatever band I happen to be listening to at the time:

1) What it must be like to be in Against Me! right around now. A previously fairly successful indie punk band signing to a major record label and releasing their most pop-sounding and radio-played album. Did the whole band want to go in that direction, or is it all Tom? What changed their minds from before, when they used the people from major labels solely for free food and drinks (and they made a whole live DVD pretty much about that)? What are their shows like now - does the crowd still rush the stage, or is it toned down now that they've gone more mainstream (I missed their last local show at the beginning of October)? I'm so curious!

2) What would it be like to only state opinions formed from email forwards? If those were the only things you based your arguments and ideas on? "Microsoft will totally send you free Gap Jeans if you tell all your friends that you talked to me!" Or, "I'd wear lipstick if they weren't all full of lead."

3) I kind of like the dark on the ride home now, as it means I can definitely tell if the bus driver uses the turn signal when changing lanes so I don't have to worry quite as much that we'll smash into a car or tractor trailer.

Top 5!

Mar. 7th, 2007 11:05 am
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Comment with the words "Top Ten" or "Top Five" (or whatever number you fancy), and I will reply with a subject for which you will generate a top ten (or top five) list. Then, post the list and instructions in your own journal.

From [ profile] lection, I got:
Top 5 Items You Could Not Live Without!* )

And the following 5-themed list was assigned by [ profile] audrawilliams:
Top five ways your life is better than it was five years ago! )

And from [ profile] sarcasma:
Top five beverages and why )
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Holy crap, I watched a lot of movies in 2006: 217!

Of those, 15 were seen in theatres, and 43 were TV on DVD seasons.


Veronica Mars Season 2
Little Miss Sunshine
Stranger Than Fiction
Twitch City
and Severed: Forest of the Dead (I finally got to see the Canadian zombie movie!!)

Although there were a lot more that I enjoyed, those just stick out in my head.

I will try to watch less movies this year, because damn! That's a lot of sitting around, and I didn't knit or do other crafting, or pack for moving for a lot of that time, and that's a little sickening to think about.
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In 2006, I read 78 books. I beat last year's total, which I was aiming to do. Hopefully I will beat 78 in this coming year.

Anyway, here's how it broke down:
71 were fiction books
7 were non-fiction.

Of those books:
11 were by Canadian authors
64 were by women authors (although it's not 64 women authors in total, since I read several books by the same author over the year)
and 38 were classified as Young Adult books.

Ones I really enjoyed:
Mud Girl - Alison Acheson
Arkansas: 3 Novellas - David Leavitt
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - Mark Haddon
and Beauty Tips from Moosejaw: Travels in Search of Canada - Will Ferguson.

Next year, I should aim to increase my non-fiction reading.
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Today I will:

eat breakfast (done!)
drive Scott to work (done before breakfast!)
apply for jobs
do the dishes (mostly done!)
fold my laundry (done!)
finish painting my bookshelf (done!)
get my Weekend to End Breast Cancer photos ordered (done!)
get Darlene's address so I can send her the photos when they're ready
take photos of the house so far-away people can see what it's like
try to organize stuff in the guest room
play with the cat so she doesn't go even crazier than she already is (done!)
brush the cat (done!)
read all my mail and get rid of the junk (done!)
call Nat and apologize for not calling for a week because I'm lazy
renew my health card (and if I can, find the form they sent me) (attempted. Foiled by ridiculous traffic.)
pick up Scott from work (done!)
surprise Scott with an early birthday present of going to see Cyndi Lauper! (DONE! SO FUN!)


Jul. 24th, 2006 11:53 am
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+ pirate jokes! (Thanks, [ profile] starfishchick!)
+ Especially pirate jokes about Don McKellar!
+ making plans for finishing my certificate at the end of the year and getting to take the exciting fiction course!
+ exciting fiction course means it will cost me less to finish, since it's a half credit course!
+ which means I can use the other half credit course I took to count towards my degree! It wasn't looking like I'd be able to earlier in the summer.
- being at work with nothing much to do
+ being alone at work with nothing much to do means I can do whatever I want!
+ which means I can listen to the radio!
- but not internet radio, because these computers suck and don't have soundcards/speakers.
- having issues with tuning in to the CBC
+ the first song played on commercial radio is a Violent Femmes song!
- stupid commercials
- breaking my "I haven't listened to commercial radio on purpose in over two years!" streak
+ I might possibly hear something that I've never heard before, and like it.
- I will likely hear CRAP that I do NOT like.
+ second song is from Weezer's pinkerton album!
+ memories of the dance sequence from Clerks II (which has nothing to do with Weezer. It just jumped into my head.)
- UGH! I knew it. Third song is some Creed/Nicklecrap/whatever-shitty-ass-band song.

Looks like the positives are winning out so far. I like that.
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Today, I: wearing almost the exact same thing as I wore on June 1, except with cuter socks, and without the scarf in my hair. And different unders.

...get to go to the island this afternoon! I haven't been to Ward's Island before (Centre Island, yes, and I'm sure we would have walked over to Ward's Island if my grandmother had been in better shape, but she wasn't so we didn't), so it's exciting. And I like ferry rides. happy that it's sunny out. But I wouldn't mind if there were thunderstorms this afternoon/evening, because I like those, too.

...don't know what I'm going to eat for my lunch. And perhaps I should actually eat the breakfast bar I brought with me to eat for breakfast. ignoring half of what the annoying co-worker says.

...get to leave the office early, so annoying co-worker will only bug me for a short amount of time! happy that I don't work here on Fridays.


Jan. 6th, 2006 07:04 pm
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Movies/DVDs watched July 2005 - December 2005 )

I like bad movies, and this really shows it.

Total: 91, including repeat watchings.
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Well, the tally from when I started keeping track in March.

I read a total of 47 books. (That makes me sad. I want to read more! Stupid work, making me stay late and taking away from my reading time! Or the fact that I watched a hell of a lot of movies could account for some of this.)

Fiction: 42 (38 novels, 2 short stories, 2 graphic novels/heavily illustrated)
Non-Fiction: 5 (1 on punk music, 1 on Kevin Smith, 1 on feminism, 1 on baseball, 1 on hiking the Appalachian trail)
Books by women: 34
Books by men: 11
Books by Canadians: 8 (at least. There's a couple more that I think may be Canadian)

Favourite Fiction: Adam and Eve and Pinch-Me, Geek Love, Telling Tales

Favourite Non-Fiction: Fury's Hour: a (sort of) punk manifesto

I definitely need to read more in 2006!


Jun. 9th, 2005 10:28 pm
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I have decided that my next visit (or five) to the video store will be all surf movies. My list so far is:

Riding Giants
Billabong Odyssey
Step Into Liquid
Blue Horizon
The Endless Summer
The Endless Summer II

Any other suggestions?

(This is all due to the fact that I saw Lords of Dogtown last weekend, and it was pretty good [and it's amusing that you can't really recognize Heath Ledger through most of the movie, since he's almost always wearing sunglasses]. And then I realized that I hadn't seen Stacy Peralta's surfing movie yet, so I have to go overboard to make up for it.)

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