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Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim? Hell yeah! Definitely a movie I will be looking forward to watching.
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Henry Rollins and Heidi May are funny.

The earliest video clip contains frozen rodents and a frozen snake, if you're at all squeamish. But they're funny.

And it's interesting to see Henry Rollins' apartment. It's a lot more sparse than I would have thought.
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Dude! Goonies 2 is coming! Atleast according Sean Astin and Corey Feldman.

Oh, media

Jul. 29th, 2007 04:14 pm
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Man, today has been a good day, media-wise.

The current issue of Bust is really excellent. Rosario Dawson seems like an awesome woman, and the article on women who are joining convents was really interesting. An article with Bjork. News from a Broad still being really snarky and fun, even with a new author. And lots of neat book and music reviews. I usually enjoy reading this magazine, but I've really enjoyed this issue.

And then finding out that Buffy Season 8 spoiler )

And finding out that Joss Whedon is planning season 9 of Buffy, and a shorter comic series to explain what happened after Angel ended (because that was one crazy series finale).

And then finding out that Kevin Smith is writing the first episode of the Heroes: Origins series! (And finding out that it will be a short 6-episode series of possible new characters for the show, and that the audience gets to vote on which character they want in the show.)

I think there was something else I squealed in delight about, but I can't remember what it is now. But all in all, a good (for me) media-news day.

And I still have two more magazines to read! Let's hope the awesome continues.
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I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the following has totally made it mushy:

Pictures of Assholes, a short film by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in which he turns the camera on the asshole papparazi.

It's impressive how civil he remains, even when they're total jerks.

(via [ profile] lection)


My new upstairs neighbour REALLY NEEDS TO BUY A RUG! OR SEVEN! And STOP wearing their FUCKING SHOES ALL THE TIME!!!

Is it rude to bang on the ceiling with a broom handle when they incessantly stamp their feet on the floor for no discernable reason? Like, for minutes at a time, and not moving from one spot. FUCKER. Or should I knock on their door and ask them to stop? Or talk to the super?


Sep. 15th, 2005 09:34 am
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Oh goodness. This is too funny.

Happy birthday, poor little baby Spears Federline. You're totally going to hate your parents when you're a teenager.


Jul. 19th, 2005 11:10 pm
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Good grief, Wonderfalls is addictive. I picked it up last Friday, started watching it yesterday, and only have four episodes left to watch. So good! I don't know why I waited so long to get it.

I'm sorry Camcam - I really will finish Greg the Bunny one day soon! I promise! (You'd think I'd be all over the Seth Green - or maybe that's why it's taking me so long to finish it: I'm trying to prolong the Seth Green exposure.)

Edited at 12:05am Wednesday to add:

Yeah, like hell I'm going to bed after watching the "Lying Pig" episode. There are just not enough hours in the night.
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My co-worker L and I have been reading everything we can about the TomKat crap, mainly because it's just such a train wreck, and we don't like Cruise, but we like Holmes (although I'm liking her much less now that I know she's converting to Scientology. Le sigh. There goes another one. I'm sorry, they scare me), so I've sent her links to articles I find, and stuff like that. We've been having fun chatting, and joking about it, and calling Cruise "psychotic" and the like.

This morning I came into work to see that L had made me something hilarious out of the photo from an article I found in the Post yesterday (who knew anything good could come out of the Post? Hee.) - it's a photo of Holmes and Cruise. Cruise is saying, "Oh L.Ron - what did you get me into this time?" and Holmes is saying, "This is so not as cool as I thought it would be. Pacey, come to my rescue!"

Just what I needed after my third morning (in a row, 4 in total) of getting up at 5am.
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Check it! The Muppet Show Season 1 (Special Edition) on DVD!

(Thanks to [ profile] littlegirltoast for the news)


Jun. 9th, 2005 10:28 pm
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I have decided that my next visit (or five) to the video store will be all surf movies. My list so far is:

Riding Giants
Billabong Odyssey
Step Into Liquid
Blue Horizon
The Endless Summer
The Endless Summer II

Any other suggestions?

(This is all due to the fact that I saw Lords of Dogtown last weekend, and it was pretty good [and it's amusing that you can't really recognize Heath Ledger through most of the movie, since he's almost always wearing sunglasses]. And then I realized that I hadn't seen Stacy Peralta's surfing movie yet, so I have to go overboard to make up for it.)
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Of course the first Toronto pre-screening of Serenity is on June 23! OF COURSE! Because I'm supposed to be at the NOFX concert at the same time.

Damn that crazy lady with the hand coming out of her hoo-haw.

All you Toronto folks on my f-list should go for me. Yes you should. And you Vancouver folks can go to your own, too. And then rub it into my sad, sad face. (Plus, Vancouver folks, the woman who plays Kaylee may be there. She apparently really wants a showing there, as she lives there.)


Cameron made me watch a crazy Japanese movie. It had a crazy lady with a hand coming out of her hoo-haw, among other things (er, she didn't have other things coming out of her body [except for the blood that came just before the hand], but there were other odd things in the movie). It was interesting, though, and kept us guessing.

I should probably get back to work.

Speaking of work, it's fun to sneak my Cons into my outfits on days that are not Casual Friday. Today they are partially hidden by my really long sundress, and last week they were an ode to Ellen Degeneres, who wears sneakers with her dressy clothes. (I'm a loser, I know.)
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Dear Buckley's Medicine,

I know people who swear by you. Yes, you taste like ass. But come on! Work a bit faster, please. I don't think you've done anything yet, and I'm already on my third spoonful. I'm following directions, but maybe I should take it to the max and do two at a time instead of one? Although, I would prefer if you just stopped making me cough right now. That'd be keen.

Thank you for your consideration,


Dear magazine store down the road from work,

Okay, I've visited you HOW many times in the past 6 or 7 months, wondering if you carried Bitch or Bust magazines. Thank you for finally (FINALLY!) carrying them today, even though I'd already picked up the latest Bitch. I think I'll get a subscription anyway, because you're obviously not all that reliable.

On the fence,


Dear guy at the movie store,

Hey, next time I have a free movie rental, kindly ASK me if I want to redeem it first before you just decide to redeem it for me. I had a plan, and you totally ruined it!

Bastard (but you were nice otherwise, so I can forgive you),


Dear Empire Records,

Man, it's been a while, hasn't it? It's nice though; no matter how long it's been since we hung out together, when we do finally hang out, it's nice and comfortable. I like that.

"I hope you like blue cheese",
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Watching three season finales during the first day of my period isn't all that smart of an idea. Sniffling like crazy over here.

Vacation day from work tomorrow! Holiday on monday! Superextra long weekend! Getting out of the city for the superextra long weekend! Very exciting. I should maybe do some more packing since we're probably leaving early in the morning.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends, especially all you Canadians with your long weekend. Woot!

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