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It's book drive season again!

Pamela Ribon has teamed up with David Coles to get people to donate books to libraries in Mississippi that were hit by Hurricane Katrina. (The books! The poor books. The pictures are so distressing to me.) If you can, please donate some books. I'll be doing so in the next little while.

I spent a lot of time in libraries when I was younger, and I've started using the TPL a lot more recently (for which I can thank le Cam, TPL children's librarian extrodinaire!), so these book drives always get me. And the karma -it's true! I am one of the people who got a promotion after donating! AND I won a book from Pamie that year, too. So just think of the possibilities for you!
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So, last year, I walked in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, a two-day, 60 kilometre walk raising money for Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

This year, I'm doing it again, but this time I'm walking with my mom and my sister. Breast cancer affects 1 in 9 Canadian women; this is my way of trying to help.

I am currently in training/fundraising mode. If any of you could spare a few dollars to go towards breast cancer research and treatment, I'd really appreciate it! You can donate at the secure online site here. Or if you'd like to pass this on to anyone else you think may be interested in donating, I'd really appreciate that kind of help, too.

Thanks so much for your support!
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It's this weekend! I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited.

And for anyone out there who'd like to donate to my fundraising efforts, Thursday September 8 is the last day to do so...

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is a two-day, 60 km walk to raise money for Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, for their work on breast cancer research and treatment.

All donations over $10 Canadian receive a tax receipt.

Any donation at all would win my love and devotion forever and ever (for real).

I'm almost at my goal, and I haven't even made my own donation yet. I will, though.

You can donate online at my personal page (it's secure!), or if you're in Toronto and don't want to donate online, email me at emilineATgmailDOTcom, and we can work out how you want to get it to me by Friday afternoon.

Thank you! And many thanks to those of you who have donated already.
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My workplace has finally joined the Make Poverty History campaign. It only took almost 7 months. Which is ridiculous, since making poverty history is really the whole freaking aim of our organization, if it needed to be summed up in three words.

If any Americans are interested, the US version is the One campaign. (Heh. The American office of our organization joined that campaign ages ago. They're the tenth organization listed, and it's not in real alphabetical order, it's in messed up alphabetical order. Weird. Goodness, we're slow; we're not even listed on the Canadian site yet. Disappointing, but Trish [Media Relations Manager] can finally stop driving herself mad, trying to get us to sign on.)

The Global movement is is the Global Campaign Against Poverty.
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The fitting end to a boring work day? Retail therapy. Some of it was stuff I needed, some was simply fun stuff.

- 2 blouses for work that are simple enough to wear regularly as well (I'll just look dressier than normal, but nice)
- Gilmore Girls season 3 on DVD (and chatting with the nice cashier, who was playing Sleater-Kinney's new album - in HMV at that! - because all the managers were gone, and he was in charge, and he was going to listen to good music, damn it! And who approved of my purchase - he finished watching it in a couple of days, just as I'm sure I will, even though I have 2 and a half seasons of CSI to go, still)
- not finding the shoes I wanted in my size wasn't as fun, though.
- Bitch magazine and 2 books by a guilty pleasure author
- earrings that aren't insanely big or tacky
- new shampoo bar from Lush (and chatting with the cashier there about my bag - which has the name of a Lush product on it, but not intentionally - and the names of new products - Sonic Death Monkey!)

and I am about to head off to Shopper's to cash in 34,000 Optimum points so that I can get $75 worth of stuff free!


Except that I called my dad first, and here's a little PSA:

I used to babysit for this girl, Hannah Clark (yes, that's a Toronto Sun article, but please read it!). She is a sweetie (and the first newborn I ever took care of!), and she's been battling leukemia almost her whole life, and she's been unable to find a suitable bone marrow donor so far. If you live in Canada (and are of British or Germanic descent for this case in particular), please think about contacting Canadian Blood Services to see about whether your bone marrow could help her (I'm filling out the forms at work tomorrow). (And if you're of some other descent, you should think about it anyway, for other people who may need your marrow.) There's an international registry, for those not in Canada - think about it!

Thank you.


And with the purchase of billions of little things, thus concludes my shopping spree for the spring, and likely most of the summer.

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