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I'm lusting after Fluevogs right now. I'm saving up for this pair. I'm not into heels normally, but this has started me lusting on a billion other pairs of their heels...I'm going to be saving up for the rest of my life to fuel this!

I'm trying to narrow it down to which ones I should save up for once I get those...I currently have 14 tabs open of shoes I think are cute. Some are very similar to the ones above, though, so I'll save those for later. Perhaps it will be these ones. Or maybe I should aim for these ones while they're on sale. And these boots are also super cute. And I should probably attempt to get something other than black ones all the time (but it's so hard! If I'm gonna pay that much, I should be able to wear them all time!) like these cute ones.

Why can't I win the lottery, and spend it all on shoes?

And now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I DO want the first pair in turquoise.
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I bought new shoes last night! It is a very good thing - now I won't kill people any longer when I take my sneakers off. They're kind of ugly, but really comfortable. And now I really want to buy a printer (since after this week, I will no longer have free access to one).

I had a very freaky dream this morning - I dreamt that I didn't actually get the job that I am supposed to be starting on May 1. In my dream, when I hadn't heard from the person in charge, I went to the office to meet him. He was surprised to see me, as he'd been under the impression that I didn't want the job afterall, so they hadn't actually hired me. And he was too busy to sort it out, so I was pretty much just turfed out of his office. And I thought, "Thank goodness I have that interview this afternoon!", but I was still pretty upset.

And now I'm freaking myself out, for no reason (I hope!). And hopefully my interview goes well this afternoon.
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I bought my boots today! My wallet's a little sad, but hopefully they'll last for a long time. And yes, I decided to go for black because I'm almost positive the cranberry ones would have driven me nuts after a few months.

And really, that's about all I have to say right now. Have a good weekend!
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Oh, I want this shirt. It's awesome. Because Comic Sans makes me want to commit murder.

And that's about all I can muster after 13.5 hours of work. Good night.
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While I was cleaning it up, I didn't think anything I saw today could beat the cat puke. Until I read this.

Those people are some kind of fucked up..


And now for something completely different:

Zombie Survival Score )

I'll have to try it again after I finish the zombie survival guide.


Also, I need to buy boots, since my winter ones from the last two years are dead. I really want these. I'm a little tempted by the burgandy/pink ones, but I'm sure I'll get bored of them after a year, so I'm thinking black would be best. Even if my co-worker gets the same ones.
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Tuesday was not the end of the crazy spending. Friday was a hoodie, patch, and CD from the against me! show. Saturday was my shoes (found a store with my colour and size!), a belt (FINALLY! My old one was sad.), the most recent trade of Strangers in Paradise, Dinosaur Jr. concert tickets, and a supercute bag.

Sunday I did not spend any money. Instead, I hung out with (2nd) cousins I hadn't seen since I was 3, apparently, and my aunt & uncle. The funny thing was on Thursday, I'd looked up that cousin's brother on the internets because Cameron had started singing a song that he'd either covered or written (or quite possibly both). Yay for cheesey Canadian singers/songwriters! (Audra, you'll be happy to know he's worked with Dan Hill. He's that cheesey.)

I don't feel like being more deep, so toodles.
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The fitting end to a boring work day? Retail therapy. Some of it was stuff I needed, some was simply fun stuff.

- 2 blouses for work that are simple enough to wear regularly as well (I'll just look dressier than normal, but nice)
- Gilmore Girls season 3 on DVD (and chatting with the nice cashier, who was playing Sleater-Kinney's new album - in HMV at that! - because all the managers were gone, and he was in charge, and he was going to listen to good music, damn it! And who approved of my purchase - he finished watching it in a couple of days, just as I'm sure I will, even though I have 2 and a half seasons of CSI to go, still)
- not finding the shoes I wanted in my size wasn't as fun, though.
- Bitch magazine and 2 books by a guilty pleasure author
- earrings that aren't insanely big or tacky
- new shampoo bar from Lush (and chatting with the cashier there about my bag - which has the name of a Lush product on it, but not intentionally - and the names of new products - Sonic Death Monkey!)

and I am about to head off to Shopper's to cash in 34,000 Optimum points so that I can get $75 worth of stuff free!


Except that I called my dad first, and here's a little PSA:

I used to babysit for this girl, Hannah Clark (yes, that's a Toronto Sun article, but please read it!). She is a sweetie (and the first newborn I ever took care of!), and she's been battling leukemia almost her whole life, and she's been unable to find a suitable bone marrow donor so far. If you live in Canada (and are of British or Germanic descent for this case in particular), please think about contacting Canadian Blood Services to see about whether your bone marrow could help her (I'm filling out the forms at work tomorrow). (And if you're of some other descent, you should think about it anyway, for other people who may need your marrow.) There's an international registry, for those not in Canada - think about it!

Thank you.


And with the purchase of billions of little things, thus concludes my shopping spree for the spring, and likely most of the summer.

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