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I now officially have the position I applied for. No official start date, though, but it looks like it will be late July. Who wants to bet that they'll not have started to replace me while I'm away on vacation? Because I'm sure they won't have. Because that seems to be how it works here.

But I'm excited, and lots of people are excited for me, and the rest of the department I'm joining is excited to have me, so that's awesome.

And soon I will be heading off to North Carolina and New York State (and hopefully NYC, since I've never been there), for visits, and parties, and woo! I'm excited to have a whole week away from the work phones. Even if we did just get fancy new ones (that were not set up correctly so that I couldn't sign in until an hour after I got to work. Oh well!) that are very pretty, and fun to play around with (so many ring tones!).

I can't decide what I want to do tonight. I may watch some more CSI, but this past disc wasn't burnt very well, so it would get stuck every once in a while and annoy me, and I'm worried the rest of the discs are the same. Le sigh. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Blah blah blah.
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I'm just playing on the internet while I print business cards for my parents. I'm so spoiled with my highspeed internet at my place. I forget how frustating it can be when you actually have to wait for webpages to load. Le sigh.

I also don't like how small the backspace key is on my parents' keyboard. It's too tiny, and I keep hitting the \ key instead, so my mistakes end up looking like thils\\s before they look like this.

No news yet on the job front. Le sigh. I really would like to do that job. Because I am sick to death of answering the phones. Plus, I would love to be able to actually use some of the knowledge I am gaining from my night classes. That'd be worth the expense.

I really don't like waking up at 5am. Thankfully, I only have one more morning when I'll have to do that. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I get up at 5, feed the animals, water the plants, get ready for work, drive into the city, work from 8am-4pm, drive back here as fast as I can, feed the animals, let the dog out for a pee and apologize for not walking her, speed back to the city, hopefully arrive in time to see against me! open the concert, then watch chixdiggit and NOFX, then boot it back here, let the dog out for a quick pee, and crash (vacation day on friday! Yay!) Whereupon I will be woken at 7am in a sleep-deprived haze, and probably forget to give either the dog or the cat their important pill (or likely forget both of them), and wish that the stupid animals could feed themselves so that I could sleep without interruption. But it will be okay.

I've been online for almost 20 minutes. My parents may still only pay for 5 hours a month, which means I'd better boot it. I hope you all have lovely weekends and such.
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Watching three season finales during the first day of my period isn't all that smart of an idea. Sniffling like crazy over here.

Vacation day from work tomorrow! Holiday on monday! Superextra long weekend! Getting out of the city for the superextra long weekend! Very exciting. I should maybe do some more packing since we're probably leaving early in the morning.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends, especially all you Canadians with your long weekend. Woot!

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