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I had a really great weekend. My friends, Amy and Chris, are getting married Labour Day weekend. This past weekend was their Buck and Doe party, at Amy's parents' cottage north of Barrie. It's so beautiful and relaxing! Just what you need after battling horrendous traffic on the highway around Barrie. (WHY is there only one major highway going north in Southern Ontario? That is such a bad idea!) Went swimming in the lake, relaxed, chatted with people (including my first semester, first-year roommate from university, who I hadn't seen in years, and who is Amy's boss), played cards, gambled, ate good food, and slept in a tent for the first time in 11 years! I love camping, but I haven't had the chance to do it in many, many years, so I was revelling in my "fake camping" (pitching a tent next to a cottage is not camping in my world).

This is going to be a busy week. I was at the Island yesterday for work, and will be there again tomorrow. I am helping Nat for Amy's bridal shower this Sunday, so I've got games to organize and plan. I have freelance editing to finish up for a company. I am going to copyedit my neighbour's paper that is being published. Tonight I am going to buy a video camera for work. I should try to expand my culinary horizons and try to make something other than veggie stirfry or veggie burgers for dinner sometime this week. It should be all good, though. And I am looking forward to my regular Friday off. I think I might try to rent a kayak and go out on the Speed River for an hour or so on Friday, if I have the time. I haven't kayaked in years, and I'd like to! (I did have the opportunity to kayak on the weekend, but I didn't get around to it. Silly me, passing up the free opportunity so that I can pay for one later.)

What's new with you, flist? What are you up to this week?
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I was all productive yesterday, and finally got my vegetable garden in! Weeding, mixing in triple mix and compost, and finally planting. It's pathetic when compared to the amazing vegetable garden next door (where the old italian lady just kicks ass at vegetables), but I am excited for tomatoes and basil, nonetheless. (I am unsure of whether the cucumber, dill and coriander will forgive me for having to live on the porch for so long.)

Today, Scott and I met one-third of our new neighbours. She seems really nice, and we got a tour of their house. Holy shit, do they have their work cut out for them. Also found out that her partner is a guy I know from my second year university - we lived in the same residence. Funny! We weren't great friends or anything, but we hung out sometimes, and he was really nice, so it's pretty cool. And they have a two year old boy, which could be fun. I like kids (especially when they belong to someone else). I think she was worried that I didn't like kids, because Scott and I had told her about the kids who used to live in their house, and I quickly explained that I like them when they're nice, and those kids weren't. All they did was yell at their dog (while swearing), steal my tomatoes, and cut through our yard to steal vegetables out of the italian women's amazing garden. But I said that if her son was nice, then it was okay for him to steal my tomatoes.

Huh. While I was trying to plug the laptop into the battery just now, I somehow minimized the screen. Don't know how I did that, though.

Anyway. For those of you in Canada, I hope you have a wonderful Canada Day long weekend. If you're elsewhere, I still hope you have a great weekend. :)
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This is the weekend of homework. And dude. I'd forgotten how hungry I get while studying. Today, I have eaten:

- a yogurt and fresh blueberries, at about 10:30am
- a granola bar at about noon
- now I am eating crackers and some of a garden vegetable cheeseball

Which, now that I look at the time and see it's 2:30pm, I guess that's really not a whole lot, and no wonder I'm hungry.

Scott is hilarious: last time he went grocery shopping (Thursday night, I think), he bought a package of two cheeseballs for me, just because I like cheese and they were on sale. I've never had a cheeseball of my own before, and now I have two! Mmmm, cheese.

I've already stuffed my head full of accounting stuff for publishers. Now I am working on stuffing my head full of publishing for the college/university market. Then I will stuff my head with kid's publishing, and do the assignment that is late (good start for me, but it's a book review, which should be fun to write), and work on the assignment that is due soon. And start the assignments for the business class that are due soon, and the assignment for the electronic age class (which, surprisingly, is my only non-internet course), which thankfully, is only to define three things.

Of the stuff that has been marked, I've done well - full marks in two classes, and close to full in the other class. But not so good in the final one, since the first assignment is the late assignment. I need to get my butt in gear there.

Happy weekend, all!

ETA: Now, at 3:15pm, I am eating a bowl of garden vegetable soup. Yum!
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Today has been productive. Been to the bank, done a review and initial proof of the annual report I'm working on and eaten some food. Now I'm taking a bit of a break before I do a final proofreading of the report, scoot on down to their offices to give it to them, and then head to the bus station to go to Cambridge for the night.

I will likely have some big news once the weekend is over. I kind of want to tell you all now, but I should wait until it's all down on paper and sorted out.


Yes! The CBC has finally decided to grace us non-cable people with the George! Hooray! It's too bad about some of the other crap they're adding, though. The Canadian One? Yikes.


Sep. 2nd, 2005 06:50 pm
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I like getting out of work early.

It means not being annoyed at staying an extra hour, because that hour was filled with talking to fun people, and not doing work!

It means coming home and finally sitting down to find the serenity viral marketing clips, and watching them! (Seriously, Firefly fans. Watch them if you haven't already - check the Multimedia section at

It means watching the against me! video one more time before the service decided it didn't want me to watch any other videos.

And now it will mean putting on cds I haven't listened to for a while, singing along, and perhaps doing something creative. Woo!

Happy long weekend, y'all.

(All these exclamation points are in part due to trying not to think about what's going on in New Orleans.)
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This weekend was really good.

My mom was planning a surprise party on Saturday for my dad's 60th birthday (as well as his friend's 60th). So all three of us kids and my mom have been lying through our teeth for the past few weeks to my dad. I was starting to think he didn't actually believe I also had a wedding to go to that day, and that maybe he suspected something.

Anyway, so on Thursday, I got a car from my parents so that I could drop my sister off at their place on Friday, the story being that her landlady was having an openhouse that weekend to rent her apartment, and my sister didn't want to be around for that. I was going to bring her up on Friday, and I'd stay the night, as it would be quicker for me to drive to the wedding from my parents' house than it would be to leave from my apartment.

Saturday morning, my dad went over to my brother's place to install his dishwasher. He wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible, so as soon as he left in the morning, we get on the phone with my brother, and tell him that no matter what he has to stall my dad until atleast 4:30pm. Which turned out not to be a problem, since my brother's house hadn't been wired for a dishwasher, so my dad spent many hours working on that. Poor guy.

I booted out to Woodstock for the wedding ceremony. It was beautiful. Luckily the weather was great (after a week of "it's going to poor like crazy on Saturday), and the ceremony could be held outside. Gorgeous. The minister was a little odd (and I don't think it was entirely that he was Baptist), and it took him at least 20 minutes to get to the actual ceremony part. But everyone looked great, the dog behaved, and it was lovely.

I then booted back to my parents' place, hoping I'd make it back before my dad did. Driving at 140km/h helped in that. I'm very lucky I was stuck behind slow people for all three cops I saw. I made it back about 20 minutes before my dad did. And he was so surprised! He totally didn't know what had been planned. A few people met him down at the bottom of the driveway, since all the cars on the lawn would have eventually given it away (at first he thought the neighbours were using their lawn for parking, as they had once before); he reacted just like my Nana (his mom) would have, apparently! Too funny. He was totally speechless. It was great!

And I even got a few surprises! My aunt and uncle from Ottawa came up, and a bunch of old, old friends of my parents came too. I hadn't seen them since I was six, and the men all played on a baseball team together. And they totally looked the same, so I immediately recognized them (Big Ross! Tommy Tucker! Sue! Brenda!).

It was a lot of fun, and so much food (oh my god, did I ever have so much to take home, between the party food and the veggies from my mom's garden). I think every month should have a weekend like that.

I hope you all had fabulous weekends, too.

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