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For work, I am helping to revamp our website. (It is a terrible, awful, ugly website that looks like it was made by an 8 year old.)

I am currently compiling a list of nicely designed websites. Do you have any suggestions for me? (Seriously, my boss knows nothing about design, and I would like to inundate her with really nicely designed sites so that she cannot okay a badly designed site. Although, I should mention that she was hired after our current bad site was designed, so at least that one's not her fault.)

So, lay it on me - what sites do you like to look at? (If it helps at all, I work for a tiny non-profit that runs day programs for seniors.)

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Currently at my workplace, there is a fitness class for seniors going on. I just went to the kitchen to get some water, which is right beside the fitness class.

The instructor has just finished teaching them how to break a person's nose. Love it.


Sep. 14th, 2007 06:49 am
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That thing. Now with commentary! )

Huh. When I select a level of education, it switches numbers 2 and 3. There's not a whole lot of change, just a few other changes in placement. My current job is a mixture of 6, 9 and 33, along with other stuff that doesn't appear on the list.

ETA: To actually do the career match thing:
1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.


Jul. 24th, 2006 11:53 am
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+ pirate jokes! (Thanks, [ profile] starfishchick!)
+ Especially pirate jokes about Don McKellar!
+ making plans for finishing my certificate at the end of the year and getting to take the exciting fiction course!
+ exciting fiction course means it will cost me less to finish, since it's a half credit course!
+ which means I can use the other half credit course I took to count towards my degree! It wasn't looking like I'd be able to earlier in the summer.
- being at work with nothing much to do
+ being alone at work with nothing much to do means I can do whatever I want!
+ which means I can listen to the radio!
- but not internet radio, because these computers suck and don't have soundcards/speakers.
- having issues with tuning in to the CBC
+ the first song played on commercial radio is a Violent Femmes song!
- stupid commercials
- breaking my "I haven't listened to commercial radio on purpose in over two years!" streak
+ I might possibly hear something that I've never heard before, and like it.
- I will likely hear CRAP that I do NOT like.
+ second song is from Weezer's pinkerton album!
+ memories of the dance sequence from Clerks II (which has nothing to do with Weezer. It just jumped into my head.)
- UGH! I knew it. Third song is some Creed/Nicklecrap/whatever-shitty-ass-band song.

Looks like the positives are winning out so far. I like that.
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Today has been productive. Been to the bank, done a review and initial proof of the annual report I'm working on and eaten some food. Now I'm taking a bit of a break before I do a final proofreading of the report, scoot on down to their offices to give it to them, and then head to the bus station to go to Cambridge for the night.

I will likely have some big news once the weekend is over. I kind of want to tell you all now, but I should wait until it's all down on paper and sorted out.


Yes! The CBC has finally decided to grace us non-cable people with the George! Hooray! It's too bad about some of the other crap they're adding, though. The Canadian One? Yikes.
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When I was bored and used to spend hours wasting time on the internet, where did I go? I need something to do, since I'm almost finished straightening up the supply cupboard. I am the only one in the office, and since I only started on Tuesday, I seriously don't have much to do.

I should have brought the URLs for my other job. Damn.

I'm kidding. (Maybe.) But I seriously don't know what I'll do after this hour is over.

ETA: I know! I'll eat my spaghetti with two wooden coffee stirers acting as chopsticks, because I forgot cutlery and I have no idea where there might be any in this place. That will take time. Good thing I brought my Tide pen - I'm thinking I'll be sloppy. Which is also good that there's no one else here. Heh.
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My morning anxiety about the new job has receded, as I've now received an email with instructions on where to go from here. Phew!

And I think my interview went pretty well today. Here's hoping they'll take a chance on some unknown kid (namely me!) and let her press release writing and flyer design skills shine! (I know I have to have them in here somewhere!)

The other nice job-related news today was that a friend got a call from her friend at another NGO who is looking for a proofreader (as well as a copyeditor for someone else at the NGO), and my friend gave her rave reviews about me! So she's hooking us up by email tomorrow. That'd be awesome. The proofreading is only a short term project, but if I did it, and did it well, they'd probably call me back for more as it comes up. I don't know about the copyediting part, but I'm assuming it's also short term as well. But whatever! It'd be experience in the field I want experience in. So here's hoping that works out for me!

Other than that, I've been a little lax about applying to jobs lately. I shouldn't be. I gotta get back onto the application train. Or something.

I'm also trying to decide whether I should email Warren Kinsella (mostly about his April 26 entry, with which I completely agree). But then I'm all, "Dude! He's this guy I've almost idolized since 1995! I don't know if I can do it!" Considering I've yet to write to Dave Bidini, it would seem that I might not actually email him. Even though I should, maybe.
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I bought new shoes last night! It is a very good thing - now I won't kill people any longer when I take my sneakers off. They're kind of ugly, but really comfortable. And now I really want to buy a printer (since after this week, I will no longer have free access to one).

I had a very freaky dream this morning - I dreamt that I didn't actually get the job that I am supposed to be starting on May 1. In my dream, when I hadn't heard from the person in charge, I went to the office to meet him. He was surprised to see me, as he'd been under the impression that I didn't want the job afterall, so they hadn't actually hired me. And he was too busy to sort it out, so I was pretty much just turfed out of his office. And I thought, "Thank goodness I have that interview this afternoon!", but I was still pretty upset.

And now I'm freaking myself out, for no reason (I hope!). And hopefully my interview goes well this afternoon.
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It's only Tuesday, and I already feel like I'll go insane if I HAVE TO LOOK AT THIS ONE STUPID SPREADSHEET AGAIN!

Of course, I'm probably going to have to look at the stupid thing at least 10 times a day from now until November 10. *SOB!*


except playing with fill colours. that's the only fun part.
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My co-worker was in the UK last week for training, and she brought us back Cadbury chocolates and Twinnings tea!

So our whole department is happy. I wish we had more of the Cadbury chocolates in Canada - there are some yummy ones that we don't have here for whatever reason.
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My head hurts, and in just over an hour, I'm supposed to be in a meeting with a Director who I'm supposed to do stuff for, and I didn't have a chance to work on any of it at all last week.

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I get to go to a press approval this afternoon!

I'm so excited that I get to do stuff I'm taking courses for. Yay!

I am a nerd.
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Dorothy Parker supported the early incarnation of the organization I work for. Interesting.

(So did Will Rogers Jr., and Thornton Wilder.)

Now that I've got a raise, I should really look into sponsoring a child myself.
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Almost one month after getting hired for the job, I finally started it! Yay!

Today was my first day. It was a bit overwhelming, since I really have no idea what has been going on in the department, and they're just starting a giant $25 million dollar, three-year fundraising campaign. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things soon.

But I'm so excited to finally be there! Yay!

And I'm tired, and should really call Scott now. Good night.
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My god I'm bored.

I wonder if they'll actually tell me in the next 24 minutes when I'm supposed to start at my new position. My guess is, I will not find out until tomorrow at the earliest, unless I go to the VP myself after 5pm. Which I will try to do.

I'm so damn hungry. Need to find food - hee! My coworker just brilliantly showed up with some mini carrots for me. She is wonderful.

For those keeping track at home, my co-worker's brother is doing okay, and was able to go home yesterday. There were some issues on the weekend when they were re-inflating his lung, but he seems to be doing well now. They have no idea why his lunch collapsed, though, which is rather freaky.
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These are the crazy people I work with:

To: CNO All Staff
From: Lena
Subject: lettuce moved

I moved a big bowl of lettuce to the other fridge because we got more milk and cream.


To: Lena; CNO All Staff
From: Leonard
Subject: Re: Lettuce moved

I saw a banana move once. Never found lettuce to be that mobile.


To: Leonard; Lena; CNO All Staff
From: Justin
Subject: Re: lettuce moved

It’s the leaves...not as flexible as bananas...



And now I'm sitting here, being bored, and wishing more people would email stupid stuff. But Cameron thankfully emailed me a lovely (and not stupid) email, so that stopped my boredom for a moment.
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Today is going to be a long day.

Started at 8am. I was lucky, and only 2 calls came in during the first hour. However, the first call was from the person who was to be in at 9am, letting me know she wouldn't be in because her brother was in the hospital. Our supervisor, I'm sure, is going to be annoyed, but dude! Her brother is getting surgery for a collapsed lung! I wouldn't want to be at work, either.

And of course, the next person isn't going to be in until 10:30 or so. It's been okay this last hour, but sometimes I just get so bored by the phones that I stick myself on "Not Ready" so my phone won't ring. Like right now. I just need a couple minutes to myself.

And then the final person won't be in until 2pm or so. So our lunch hours are going to be annoying, as it'll only be one person on the phones again.

Oh well. What can you do?

Hopefully my co-worker's brother will be okay.
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I now officially have the position I applied for. No official start date, though, but it looks like it will be late July. Who wants to bet that they'll not have started to replace me while I'm away on vacation? Because I'm sure they won't have. Because that seems to be how it works here.

But I'm excited, and lots of people are excited for me, and the rest of the department I'm joining is excited to have me, so that's awesome.

And soon I will be heading off to North Carolina and New York State (and hopefully NYC, since I've never been there), for visits, and parties, and woo! I'm excited to have a whole week away from the work phones. Even if we did just get fancy new ones (that were not set up correctly so that I couldn't sign in until an hour after I got to work. Oh well!) that are very pretty, and fun to play around with (so many ring tones!).

I can't decide what I want to do tonight. I may watch some more CSI, but this past disc wasn't burnt very well, so it would get stuck every once in a while and annoy me, and I'm worried the rest of the discs are the same. Le sigh. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Blah blah blah.
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My workplace has finally joined the Make Poverty History campaign. It only took almost 7 months. Which is ridiculous, since making poverty history is really the whole freaking aim of our organization, if it needed to be summed up in three words.

If any Americans are interested, the US version is the One campaign. (Heh. The American office of our organization joined that campaign ages ago. They're the tenth organization listed, and it's not in real alphabetical order, it's in messed up alphabetical order. Weird. Goodness, we're slow; we're not even listed on the Canadian site yet. Disappointing, but Trish [Media Relations Manager] can finally stop driving herself mad, trying to get us to sign on.)

The Global movement is is the Global Campaign Against Poverty.
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I'm just playing on the internet while I print business cards for my parents. I'm so spoiled with my highspeed internet at my place. I forget how frustating it can be when you actually have to wait for webpages to load. Le sigh.

I also don't like how small the backspace key is on my parents' keyboard. It's too tiny, and I keep hitting the \ key instead, so my mistakes end up looking like thils\\s before they look like this.

No news yet on the job front. Le sigh. I really would like to do that job. Because I am sick to death of answering the phones. Plus, I would love to be able to actually use some of the knowledge I am gaining from my night classes. That'd be worth the expense.

I really don't like waking up at 5am. Thankfully, I only have one more morning when I'll have to do that. Tomorrow is going to be crazy. I get up at 5, feed the animals, water the plants, get ready for work, drive into the city, work from 8am-4pm, drive back here as fast as I can, feed the animals, let the dog out for a pee and apologize for not walking her, speed back to the city, hopefully arrive in time to see against me! open the concert, then watch chixdiggit and NOFX, then boot it back here, let the dog out for a quick pee, and crash (vacation day on friday! Yay!) Whereupon I will be woken at 7am in a sleep-deprived haze, and probably forget to give either the dog or the cat their important pill (or likely forget both of them), and wish that the stupid animals could feed themselves so that I could sleep without interruption. But it will be okay.

I've been online for almost 20 minutes. My parents may still only pay for 5 hours a month, which means I'd better boot it. I hope you all have lovely weekends and such.

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