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So, I bought a colouring book of mandalas, in a bid to do something relaxing and try to quiet the noise in my head. It's a pretty lovely book, and I'm enjoying picking colours and making patterns in how I'm using the colours.

But I'm gonna guess that the whole "adults colouring is a good idea for relaxing and meditation" thing did not mean for me to be doing it while watching The Walking Dead.

On the plus side, it is pretty relaxing, and I'm finally able to tell Cameron that I watched Season One, which he bought me years ago and that I've never watched until now.

Onward to Season Two, I guess!
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Went canoeing on the Eramosa River with my sister today. First time in a canoe in over twenty years! It was fun, and really nice on the river. Very calm. We thought it was funny that we didn't see anyone else out on the river until we remembered it was Monday. We'll have to try to do it again sometime soon!


Jun. 11th, 2015 11:24 pm
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So the cake was Optimus Prime. My nephew was excited when he saw it.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 04:24 pm
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So I finally completed my December Daily album! I was finally able to convince my sister to send me the picture I needed to complete the final page. So, over two months later, here is the final page of my December Daily 2011 album:

Day 25 part 2: Christmas morning )
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I'm doing a half-hearted cleaning of the office (there are piles of crap in the closet. Not all of it is mine, thankfully), listening to some really poppy, funny music. And I came across a little notebook I used to doodle in during my last semester of high school. Holy shit, was I ever an angry teenager!

I remember being really unhappy all through high school, and just counting down the days until I graduated and I could escape, begin university, and really begin my life. But flipping through that book, it's full of quotes from really angry songs that I used to think were the songs that described my life or the people around me. There's a few songs in there that I can't identify now, and I'd like to find them again, because now I'm a fan of (some kinds of) angry music for different reasons.

It also made me realize that I haven't just doodled, or scribbled random things, or written out really touching song lyrics in a really long time. I have all these blank notebooks that I'm not using (but I totally needed them for some really great creative purpose, I'm sure!) and I should start using them. And then maybe something will actually come of it.

Dec 10

Dec. 11th, 2011 05:16 pm
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Feel like I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, but I did - just not much that I wanted to record in my December Daily album (I started Aziz's present, and I was right, my sewing machine is messed up. I didn't get any further than cut out all the pieces. Hopefully Scott's mother can lend me her sewing machine).

Christmas Cheer )
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So I put day 5 in the title of my last post, but didn't actually include it. Whoops!
Let's see if I can remember both this time )
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Continuing on with December Daily: Day 4: childhood memory.

I should have been doing this all along! )
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Dec 3, 2011 - One of a Kind Craft Show and Sale!

Dec 3

There were so many awesome things that I wanted to buy for myself! I did buy a few things for myself (a beautiful letterpress calendar! A fancy winter hat!), but I mainly stuck to my Christmas shopping list - knocked off some stuff for Scott, Stacey, Laura & Zaid, Mum & Dad, and got ideas for stuff to make for Stacey and Sue. We were at the show for ages, but it was pretty great.
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I've got off to a good start with my December Daily 2011 project - I actually remembered to do Dec. 1 while it was still Dec. 1! I'm just trying to decide what will go in today. I've got Saturday and Sunday planned out in my head.

For the curious, here are crappy photos of the album cover and the Dec. 1 pages:

December Daily 2011 cover.

And...Day 1: Holiday Cards!

Dec. 1


And Day 2: a holiday haircut.

Dec 2
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Well, hello there, poor, neglected LJ. How have you been doing? Good, I hope.

I popped on Saturday morning, briefly, out of the blue. And I'm glad I did! I read back as far as I could on my friends page, and of the many interesting posts, one in particular caught my eye - it was [ profile] keyframe's one where she detailed how she was going to do a December Daily album.

So I spent most of the day yesterday braving the insane parking lot of the local craft store, and putting together my foundation pages for my very own December Daily 2011. I like the idea of doing something to mark every day leading up to Christmas, for a time of year that I particularly enjoy. I think it will help me do some interesting things, too, so that I have something good to put in my album!

Plus, since I spent all that time on it already, so much so that my back was killing me by last night, that I'm pretty certain I'll actually complete it! After all, it's only 25 days long. I should be able to do it.

So thanks for that inspiration, [ profile] keyframe!
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While I didn't get anywhere near updating every day this month, I do believe I've hit the once a week mark. We'll see if I can continue this into 2011!

I've had a very lovely holiday. I've been off work since Dec. 23 (as in, that was my last day at work), and I don't have to return to work until Jan 4! I've done lots of baking, lots of knitting, lots of reading, and lots of movie watching. So relaxing and lovely!

Christmas and Boxing Day with my family was also nice. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning was with Scott's family, and Christmas afternoon and Boxing Day was with my family. I got to play with my nephew lots, toboggan (hadn't done that in a long time!) and received some lovely gifts (like the Queen Bee Edith tote bag that was at the top of my list! So exciting!), and gifts I gave were also well received. Yay!

Tonight will be hanging with some local friends, eating yummy food, possibly playing various versions of Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2011 is fantastic for you all.
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I have been baking up a storm! Tonight I finished round two of Fresh Ginger Cookies. Saturday I made Earl Gray Tea cookies. I'm also making glazed lemon cookies tonight (about to go make the glaze). I will also be making Strawberry Jam Pinwheels (it was supposed to be raspberry, but I don't have enough jam), Cinnamon pinwheels, and lemon shortbread.

We're having a baking swap tomorrow at work, so I will take in one dozen ginger cookies, and one dozen earl gray tea cookies, and come back with two dozen random cookies.

I will be packaging these all up in tins for friends and family members.

Y'all wish you lived near me.

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