thetofupirate: (dear buddha...)
thetofupirate ([personal profile] thetofupirate) wrote2011-12-14 08:30 pm

December Daily - days 11 and 12

Dec. 11
Day 11: lyrics to a song that I like, especially the She & Him version. (Day 10 is the facing page to this, so there's a nice music theme on this spread.)

Dec. 12
Day 12: Stockings at the fireplace. (Don't tell Santa it's an electric one, 'kay?)

The small red stocking is mine from when I was a baby. The gigantic red one is the one Scott had made when he was 8.

I'm still trying to figure out yesterday's...the pics I took of some Christmas lights didn't come out as well as they were supposed to in my head, so I'm still working on it.

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