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December Daily - almost done.

Dec. 23

Dec 23: Lights in the 'hood. (Yes, that is Santa in an outhouse. And Santa in his personal helicopter. And a giant polar bear. And I don't know what else. I did not include the photo with knocked over snowmen that looked like they were doing something not fit for public consumption.)

Dec. 24

Dec 24: Gingerbread house building/decorating. Yes, that is Santa waving his fist at the Abominable Snowman. Just don't look too closely at Rudolph and we'll all be okay.

Dec. 25

Dec. 25 Part 1: Christmas Trees at the parents'. The tiny tree is my parents, they haven't had a regular tree for Christmas in a long time; they just decorate one or two of the potted trees they have in their house already. It works.

Hopefully Dec. 25 Part 2 will come shortly. Just waiting on a photo.

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Beautiful! Surprisingly funny, too.

[identity profile] 2012-01-17 12:57 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you! I try.
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Is that a jelly Abominable? Wow.

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It is, yes! It was a Rudolph/Island of Misfit Toys themes gingerbread house - there were cut outs of the spotted elephant and a few other character cut outs, and the three jellies.

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But just to be clear, it was a kit I bought, I am nowhere near that talented!