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It's book drive season again!

Pamela Ribon has teamed up with David Coles to get people to donate books to libraries in Mississippi that were hit by Hurricane Katrina. (The books! The poor books. The pictures are so distressing to me.) If you can, please donate some books. I'll be doing so in the next little while.

I spent a lot of time in libraries when I was younger, and I've started using the TPL a lot more recently (for which I can thank le Cam, TPL children's librarian extrodinaire!), so these book drives always get me. And the karma -it's true! I am one of the people who got a promotion after donating! AND I won a book from Pamie that year, too. So just think of the possibilities for you!
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I think I need to make a Canadian version of this hoodie, especially considering I have that particular sentiment in a patch and button, and I'm wearing all black in mourning today (sort of. But I wear all black to work at least once a week, anyway).

Sadly, the person I voted for did not win. BOO. But hey, it's $1.50 for the NDP at the very least.
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I quite like voting in advance. No waiting in line, and getting in and out in under 5 minutes is le awesome.

And as [ profile] listersgirl said last week, go NDP! Go Team Democracy!

My NDP candidate has got some neat people backing him. Steven Lewis lives in my riding!

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