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May. 18th, 2006 03:11 pm
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I got the job!!! I am excited (as you can probably guess from the three exclamation points). So, starting Tuesday, I will be an Administrative Communications Coordinator!

Apparently the seniors I met in my third interview were very impressed and felt that the other seniors attending the programs would be very comfortable with me, and would like to stop by and chat with me. So yay! People like me!

And I'm the first person the Executive Director has ever called for a third interview; she wanted to make sure that some of the people who use the programs felt the same way about me as she did, so yay!

Plus, there ARE benefits, even though my mother thought the whole "almost but not quite full-time" hours were a way to get out of offering them to me. It really was because they are tiny and can only afford one full-time salary. Like, seriously tiny. I will be employee number 5. (Although, they have over 200 volunteers - they totally kick my last employer's ass in that area!)

I now declare Job Search Spring 2006 officially CLOSED!

I need some celebratory chocolate, I think.
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They totally do!

At my old job, I started developing pains in my left wrist, so I bought a bandage thing to try to stave off any carpal tunnel. Eventually that pain went away (with the help of reworking my desk), but then showed up in my right wrist. So I switched the hand I wore the bandage on, and that helped. That pain disappeared after a week or so, but now it's my right elbow. SO WEIRD. And today it really hurts, so I will take a break from my actual work (and this moment of slacking) to walk to the drugstore, and see what kind of bandages they have for elbows. I will try that, and if nothing happens in a week or so, I guess I'll go to the doctor. I'm not a doctor seeing person, unless something feels REALLY wrong. And for me, this won't feel really wrong until I've tried wrapping it and it doesn't help. I hope it won't get to that point, but I suppose hoping can't stop everything.

And I'm waiting for the woman who interviewed me to call me back. I missed her calls yesterday, but she didn't say anything in the messages to give me a hint of why she was calling, and she said she'd try calling today, but she hasn't done it yet. So you know that it's going to be when I'm out that she calls. OF COURSE! Such is my life.


May. 1st, 2006 10:11 am
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I can't remember if I mentioned that I did get an email from my editing/researching job, and I'm going in for training on Tuesday. Phew! No more worrying that I didn't really get hired! ;)

And this morning I also got a phone call for a second interview at the place I interviewed at last Wednesday! YAY! I am very excited about that - I think I would really like that job. And my "Holy SHIT! I have to write a press release? OH NO! How do I do that? THINK! Picture one of Trish's press releases, QUICK!" must have been okay. I'd told Trish that story, so I emailed her right after I got the phone call. I'll do some research tonight on other communications things, just so I'm not out of it again tomorrow. Be prepared, me!

And now I'm off to former employer to return the passcards that I forgot to bring on Friday. And to exchange the dictionary they got me (although I'll be doing that elsewhere, not a former employer) - they gave me The Oxford Dictionary of English, instead of the Canadian one. How much cooler is the Canadian one? It's got the finger tabs at the start of each letter section, and the plain old English one doesn't! Plus, it's $5 cheaper. Go Canada!

Yes, I'm a nerd. They got me a dictionary as a going away present (as well as a messenger bag, coin purse, and a finger piano from Mali. The bag and coin purse were not from Mali); I think it confused some people. My immediate coworkers did a think where they took each letter of my name and had a bunch of other words starting with that letter to describe me, so I joked that if my name had an "n" in it, they'd have had to use the word "nerd".
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My morning anxiety about the new job has receded, as I've now received an email with instructions on where to go from here. Phew!

And I think my interview went pretty well today. Here's hoping they'll take a chance on some unknown kid (namely me!) and let her press release writing and flyer design skills shine! (I know I have to have them in here somewhere!)

The other nice job-related news today was that a friend got a call from her friend at another NGO who is looking for a proofreader (as well as a copyeditor for someone else at the NGO), and my friend gave her rave reviews about me! So she's hooking us up by email tomorrow. That'd be awesome. The proofreading is only a short term project, but if I did it, and did it well, they'd probably call me back for more as it comes up. I don't know about the copyediting part, but I'm assuming it's also short term as well. But whatever! It'd be experience in the field I want experience in. So here's hoping that works out for me!

Other than that, I've been a little lax about applying to jobs lately. I shouldn't be. I gotta get back onto the application train. Or something.

I'm also trying to decide whether I should email Warren Kinsella (mostly about his April 26 entry, with which I completely agree). But then I'm all, "Dude! He's this guy I've almost idolized since 1995! I don't know if I can do it!" Considering I've yet to write to Dave Bidini, it would seem that I might not actually email him. Even though I should, maybe.

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