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It's so strange how I can feel like I'm so busy, but really I'm not doing all that much. Just work and some exercise, and some cleaning, and some Christmas organizing. Oh well.

Yesterday I felt like crap, so I skipped out on a friend's cookie swap. Which I feel bad about, but I figured feeling gross and being around people and the food that they'll take back to their people would be a really bad idea. There's a work cookie swap coming up, so I won't be entirely cookie swap-less.

Plugging away on my nephew's Christmas present - I'm knitting a blanket. Nothing fancy, just garter stitch squares of different shades of blue that I'll sew together and then trim with a border of another shade of blue. I just have three and a quarter more squares to go, then I can start on the trim and sewing. Must remember to check my needles, I don't think I have a yarn one. If not, then a stop at Len's Mill will be in order. I love that ridiculous store. It's like a craft store, fabric store and dollar store all smashed together in one place. And I'm sure at Christmas it will be even more insane than usual! A couple years ago my friends and I joked that we should all meet up there one day, and give ourselves 20 mins and whoever can find the best Christmas present (the tackier the better!) for $10 or less would win (what they'd win, I dunno. All the presents?) - we never did it, though. I should see if anyone would want to do that this year or next.

Earlier this morning I came up with my own Christmas list for Scott's family's gift exchange. I kind of hate coming up with lists, because I feel like a greedy jerk and like people will think I want everything on the list. I'm just giving options! And then the present will be a surprise. I should really get over that feeling. I know that anyone would know that I do not expect everything on the list (especially because you can't buy everything within our price limit) and I really should stop feeling bad about the things that I do, especially when someone else asks me to do them! Ah, self esteem issues. Awesome.

Okay, how much more random can I get? Perhaps that's a sign to stop here, and come back another day. Hopefully before a full week goes by.


Dec. 1st, 2010 08:42 pm
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As I sometimes do in December, I have once again been moved by the whim to attempt to post every day this month. That may even mean that I will continue on with the 30 day meme thing that has been wallowing away in obscurity (I don't know why I write that ridiculousness, it just wanted to come out). But I'm afraid that it will probably mean that I'm writing a bunch of little short entries about absolutely nothing, because that seems to be how I roll.

This evening has been pretty nice - snow outside, a fake fire in the fake fireplace, good music, a super soft extra comfy sweater, and a purring cat sitting nearby. I've even exercised a little bit, and emailed my sister to try to sort out a Christmas gift for our parents. It's been fairly productive (for me, anyway), even though it doesn't really feel like it.

So, we'll see how I do this year in attempting to post every day this month. See ya back here soon.
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Apparently I've had this sitting in an empty entry for almost half a month. It really doesn't seem like that long ago.

Anyway. I'm Emily. I often have to think really hard about how old I am. For instance, I currently always want to say that I'm 33, but I'm 32. It usually goes the other way around, though. I currently work as a medical receptionist, but I really want to get back into Communications. I do not really enjoy searching for jobs, but I dislike my current job even more, so job search it is.

I live with my partner of almost 8 years. (I call him a partner because "boyfriend" seems a little weird after being together that long and living together for four years. And "common-law husband" sounds even weirder.) Lots of people ask us when we're going to get married. My standard answer is "We have a mortgage, we don't need a marriage." Perhaps if we were married, though, the fucking bank that took over our mortgage would finally fucking acknowledge me as a co-owner of our damn house. But really, it doesn't bother me one bit.

I am often sarcastic.

I'm not a big fan of writing bios/introductions of myself. Really, what do people want to know? I was painfully shy as a child; I'm still a little shy but tons better than I used to be. My favourite colour is blue. I really dislike feet in general, my own in particular, however I've been wearing sandals a lot this summer. I am a huge fan of argyle socks, with striped socks running a close second.

I am an avid consumer of pop culture. I love love love music, but I am a little bit picky about what I listen to. I have not willingly listened to the radio in years (but I did used to have to listen to it for work. Augh. There are no good radio stations in this area.) but I'll listen to the CBC if I think of it. I love to read (my ideal job would be a reader for a publishing house) and I will read almost anything. I will usually still try to finish a book, even if I hate it, if only because maybe somewhere there is something good in it. I love movies and tv, and often the badder the better! But I do like good things, too. I am especially fond of zombie movies. I will only watch horror movies with my friend Cameron (we have a tradition of getting together to watch a couple of movies, and eat delicious food at the same time. Sadly, now that we live in different cities, this doesn't happen nearly as much as I'd like it to). I realize that a lot of zombie movies are also horror movies, but to me, they're in a league of their own, and I will watch zombie movies anytime, anywhere. (But they are especially fun to watch with Cameron.) For my other favourite movies, the "so bad they're good" ones, it is especially fun to watch them with my friends Nat and Amy, but again, I will watch these anytime, too. I keep lists of the books I have read, and the movies/tv on dvd I have watched. Sometimes the yearly totals are scary. (Moreso for the movies than the books. I don't think there's such a thing as reading too many books. To many movies, however...)

I got a new laptop on Friday (happy early birthday to me!) and I'm still getting used to the keyboard and whatever that thing is that you use to move the cursor around that's not a mouse. Touch pad? Whatever. I keep making it do strange things. It's a little annoying, but I guess I'll get used to it soon enough. The number of typos this bilingual keyboard makes me make is ridiculous, though.

I'm not sure what else to put in this. I guess if you want to know something, you can ask in the comments (if anyone is still reading this! I have been very neglectful as of late) and I will answer.

the meme )
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I've decided March will be my New Year.

One of my resolutions is to write here at least once a month. It's been a really long time since I've regularly updated anything, and I'd like to get back into that. Maybe I'll even end up writing something that won't make me cringe. But I won't hold my breath about that.

Another resolution is to start regularly updating a book review blog I started ages ago and only updated once.

There are other things I'd like to do this year, too. Like take a trip with my family, which means I'd actually have to get a passport. Start exercising regularly (isn't that why Scott bought me a Wii Fit for my birthday? Why, yes it is). Finish the sweater I started a couple years ago. Make a lightweight sweater or shawl to go with the dress I will likely wear to a couple weddings this summer. Lots of stuff like that.

I hope you're all well. See you back here within a month!
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I've only been a little productive today, my first day of "Christmas Vacation".

I've slept in, made some oatmeal, fed the cat and cleaned around her dishes (she is a very messy eater), watched Little Miss Sunshine (on our new tv! It's pretty giant) while very slowly cleaning the living room (still not finished), and watched Against Me!: We're Never Going Home.

I need to:
finish cleaning the living room
clean the dining room
There was vacuuming! And bonus front hall cleaning! And then I cleaned the vacuum!
clean the bathroom
do the dishes with bonus drain de-clogging!
clean the kitchen
bake: gingersnaps and snowballs (the regular kinds, and the kinds for my sister, with no wheat and no eggs)
make cranberry pistachio white chocolate bark
get dressed

clean Kaylee's litter box
wrap presents
pack for Christmas outings to my parents' and Scott's parents' places

Let's see what I can do.
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Henry Rollins and Heidi May are funny.

The earliest video clip contains frozen rodents and a frozen snake, if you're at all squeamish. But they're funny.

And it's interesting to see Henry Rollins' apartment. It's a lot more sparse than I would have thought.

Snow Day!

Mar. 5th, 2008 09:40 am
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I have taken a Snow Day today. I so did not feel like being on a bus for over 3 hours each way today, so I said fuck it.

As I was shovelling the sidewalk this morning at 8:30am, a tractor trailor got stuck in the road (at the cross street, unimaginatively called Cross Street) while trying to back up to the factory.

Pictures and the rest of the 'drama' )
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While cleaning the other day, I found the cord that connects my camera to my computer! Hooray! So I can now upload photos to Flickr, which is what I'm doing in another tab. Hooray again! It's been a long time since I put anything there, and while I'm not posting a lot, at least it's something.

I want to make a real effort this year to take more photos. I hardly ever use my camera, which is a shame. I used to take tons of photos, but that started to slow down in my second year of university, and each progressive year I took fewer photos. Not that they were brilliant photos, or anything, but it was nice to have a record of random times, and other occassions. So I will try to bring my camera with me on regular days, and see if I can find anything interesting (to me) to take photos of. I always like looking at other peoples' photos, so it's high time I started making some of my own again.

Just before I sat down to write this, I was thinking about winter pyjamas. Specifically, ones that are flannel bottoms and t-shirt tops. I hate that, because I like to lounge in my pjs at times, and it's too freaking cold with just a t-shirt. So I've been adding long-sleeved long john tops to go under my t-shirts, which makes me wonder why they can't just make the shirts long-sleeved in the first place, since it's still a good temperature for me when I'm under all my covers, sleeping (and if it weren't, I'd simply take off some of the blankets). Yeah, so that's what I was thinking. If I were a pj designer, there wouldn't be t-shirts in the winter!
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One of my random tv watching obsessions is W Network. They have some interesting shows. I just finished watching an episode of Colour Confidential (a home decorating show where a designer helps a couple improve a room in their house). This episodes couple? Included the woman who played LD on Degrassi! (Who, according to IMDB, has done nothing else on tv/in movies.) About halfway through the episode I thought, "Man, she sounds a lot like LD, and her mouth does the same kind of 'talking out of the corner' thing as the actor who played LD!"; I'm assuming I'm right, since they are both named Amanda, she still looks a bit like LD, and the voice is pretty much exact. Plus, both shows were filmed in the GTA, and judging by the numbers of old school Degrassi peeps who still live in the GTA, it's very likely it is her.

Randomness like that (and watching another show and seeing the musical director for the church in which my office is located as a member of the "jury" to express their first impressions of a person) is part of why I'll just flip to that channel if I'm not actively watching something already. You never know who you might see!
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Nat and Brad's Yule party last night was fun. And for the first time in my life, I sang two Kareoke songs! I do not sing in front of people usually, so that was very weird for me. It helped that most people were playing a game and not paying attention to me. It was an '80s-themed video game that I do not recall the name of, and we did the duet version; I sang "Come On Eileen" with Heather (and found out there's a part that Save Ferris does not sing - the only version of the song I actually know - which of course, ended up being the part I had to sing), and a song that has completely left my brain now, which I sang with Amy, the person who has had years of vocal training, and I surprisingly beat her on it! It's really bugging me that I can't remember the name.

And Amy and Chris gave me Scott Pilgrim 1-3, which is super exciting! I'd gone in to the Dragon the other day to order 1-4 from Amy. Hee. And Nat, Brad and Caleb gave me a sock monkey hat (he has a green tufty-mohawk!). I will eventually take a picture of myself in the hat and make that my facebook profile pic.

I'd forgotten how ridiculous Zoolander is. It is currently playing the walkoff. If only all fashion shows were this kind of ridiculous - I'd actually pay attention! So it's probably a good thing they're not, because, really, I don't care.
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I haven't watched Laverne & Shirley in years and years, and holy crap, is Laverne's voice annoying!

Today was a nice day at work - I was helping get stuff ready for a big event tomorrow, then we all went out for a holiday lunch which lasted two and a half hours. Then I got to leave! A whole hour and a half early! So I got home at a nice time, which was very exciting. Not that I'm doing anything fantastic now that I'm home, but whatever.

Although I was kind of out of it once I got to the bus, and didn't realize right away that a friend was trying to get my attention. I feel kind of bad about it, because I didn't end up sitting near him (the bus was really full, and the driver was going up and down the aisle right then to make sure people got their bags off the empty seats) but I was pretty out of it, so I wouldn't have been good company anyway.

In fact, I appear to still be a little out of it. I don't think the computer screen is helping!
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I'm memeing it up again:

1. Go to the Wikipedia home page and click Random Article (on the side menu). That is your band's name.
2. Click random article again; that is your album name.
3. Click random article 15 more times; those are the tracks on your album.

My band: Channel 65
My album: Neale Donald Walsch [I hope it's to make fun of the dude, because I am not down with G-o-d]

1. Brazos Independent School District
2. Parit Bakar
3. Rose-Croix
4. Chacoan Naked-tailed Armadillo [hell yeah! Now we're talking.]
5. Rossana Dinamarca
6. Jog (disambiguation)
7. Rho Aurigae
8. Elland Road
9. Ua-Ildak
10. Paul Kelly (footballer)
11. Tanganikallabes mortiauxi
12. John Campbell Ross
13. Chevron Renaissance
14. Sadova
15. Passo Gardena

I'm not entirely sure what type of band this would be.


Dec. 10th, 2007 09:20 pm
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Holiday cards have been mailed! Hooray for me. Although, if you didn't fill out the poll before, you still can, and I'll still send you a card. I don't care if you're not sending cards back, I just like mailing things to people.

Today I also almost finished the presentation I have to make for work. Hooray!

And I now have an appointment to get my hair cut! Hooray. It's not until next week, though. The place I usually go to (although not very often) recently changed their name, so I was worried that perhaps my usual stylist was no longer there, but she is. Hooray again!

And I went to the Dragon and picked up the comics waiting for me - 2 Buffy's and an Angel. Hooray for Whedon-ish things!

Perhaps I should read them now.
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I have indeed been baking up a storm! I made the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and chocolate biscotti last night. And right now I'm waiting for the dough for the sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies to chill.

We also finally decorated our Christmas tree. Perhaps while I'm waiting for the dough to chill, I'll start making some record bowls.

I also want to go to the mall briefly, to pick up some reusable organic cotton bags that some store is selling, with a festive print on them. They'll be perfect for packing all the goodies in.

I have no idea what else I'll be doing today...although I should probably try to finish the scarf I'm working on, for Scott's family's present swap. I got his cousin again this year, so I'm trying to do something really different from last year. I have her a Sephora gift certificate last year; this year I'm making her a scarf (red, which I believe is her favourite colour), a basket of goodies, and I'm not sure what else yet. Maybe I'll see if there's anything left on her wedding registry that might be okay. I don't know, but I'll figure something out.
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D'oh, I've missed two days of my own private NaBloPoMo. Oh well.

I'm going to be baking up a storm tonight. I've made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (from Cam's yummy recipe!), and I'm planning to bake gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, and biscotti sometime, either tonight or tomorrow. I'm also in the midst of baking bread for Scott.

And I've set up the Christmas tree. It just needs to be decorated now.

I think perhaps I'll make biscotti now.

I'm sad that there are no good Christmas movies on tv tonight. I am sort of watching a really bad one called The Road to Christmas.

Huh, hitting shift 5 times turns on "Sticky Keys". Well. How about that? I have no idea what Sticky Keys is, though.

Okay, to the kitchen!
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Today did not end up going well. A flourescent lightbulb exploded near me, and got in my hair, so I spent all afternoon (and I'm still doing it) thinking that there's glass in my hair. Then things were annoying, with people running in and out of the office while I was trying to concentrate, being spat on (not on purpose) while my annoying co-worker stood too close to me (and touched me), listening to my boss chew loudly, finding out that our holiday party next week can't go on where we wanted it to, since there's renovations blocking the accessible entrance, and on and on.

Dinner was supposed to be nice - I went out with Scott and his friend. Sadly, it didn't end up that way, as my Orange Dreamsicle smoothie was not Creamsicle-tasting enough, and I didn't read the description of my entree closely enough, because it came with meat sauce. So I had to scrape the sauce off my ravioli, and thus lost most of the cheese as well. So I'm hungry, and disappointed, and annoyed.

But at least I'm not watching Hairspray (2007), which is fun. And hopefully Scott's friend will be able to point out where his girlfriend is in the movie, since I wasn't able to figure it out when I saw it in the theatre.
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I seem to have posted three days in a row. That never happens! (well, if hasn't happened for a very long time here.) Maybe I will see if I can make December my very own NaBloPoMo. Heh.

Jebus. I posted that, and missed why they're running from where they are in the movie AGAIN.

That's it. Computer off.
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Yay! I have a new mouse at work. So exciting. My old one was nasty and...really damn old. And it didn't have a scroll thing, either.

Yesterday I hung out with my university friend Stina, who I hadn't seen in ages. Hooray! Very fun - we wandered around, window shopped, sniffed yummy LUSH products, and had dinner. She even waited in line at the bus station with me!

Tonight I am visiting Cameron! Hooray x2! We are going to watch movies with zombies and crazy clowns, and eat delicious food (and some not-so-good-for-you food), and have fun! I haven't had a movie night with Cam in a very long time, so it is exciting.

And yesterday, on my way to meet Stina, I stopped in a Propaganda, and oh my god, so many cute "One Angry Girl" bags! I need them all (except the one I already have, but I do need the matching wallet for that one now). Oh, to be independently wealthy. Or even just wealthy. Twice yesterday I ended up talking about winning the lottery with people; we all decided we'd splurge on something fun, and donate the rest (to various charities, and to TROMA films. Heh!). And then I promptly forgot to buy a lottery ticket (not that I do very often).

3 things

Nov. 7th, 2007 05:36 am
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Three things I think about on the bus, in between sleeping and daydreaming that I'm in whatever band I happen to be listening to at the time:

1) What it must be like to be in Against Me! right around now. A previously fairly successful indie punk band signing to a major record label and releasing their most pop-sounding and radio-played album. Did the whole band want to go in that direction, or is it all Tom? What changed their minds from before, when they used the people from major labels solely for free food and drinks (and they made a whole live DVD pretty much about that)? What are their shows like now - does the crowd still rush the stage, or is it toned down now that they've gone more mainstream (I missed their last local show at the beginning of October)? I'm so curious!

2) What would it be like to only state opinions formed from email forwards? If those were the only things you based your arguments and ideas on? "Microsoft will totally send you free Gap Jeans if you tell all your friends that you talked to me!" Or, "I'd wear lipstick if they weren't all full of lead."

3) I kind of like the dark on the ride home now, as it means I can definitely tell if the bus driver uses the turn signal when changing lanes so I don't have to worry quite as much that we'll smash into a car or tractor trailer.
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Five trick-or-treaters again this year, although this time four of them came in a group. Pathetic!

I cannot find the cord for my camera. I've finally made my list, but now I can't post it. I wonder if I left the cord on my desk at work? I will have to try to remember to check there tomorrow.

I am happy that there have been zombies on tv tonight.

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