Jul. 24th, 2006 11:53 am
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+ pirate jokes! (Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] starfishchick!)
+ Especially pirate jokes about Don McKellar!
+ making plans for finishing my certificate at the end of the year and getting to take the exciting fiction course!
+ exciting fiction course means it will cost me less to finish, since it's a half credit course!
+ which means I can use the other half credit course I took to count towards my degree! It wasn't looking like I'd be able to earlier in the summer.
- being at work with nothing much to do
+ being alone at work with nothing much to do means I can do whatever I want!
+ which means I can listen to the radio!
- but not internet radio, because these computers suck and don't have soundcards/speakers.
- having issues with tuning in to the CBC
+ the first song played on commercial radio is a Violent Femmes song!
- stupid commercials
- breaking my "I haven't listened to commercial radio on purpose in over two years!" streak
+ I might possibly hear something that I've never heard before, and like it.
- I will likely hear CRAP that I do NOT like.
+ second song is from Weezer's pinkerton album!
+ memories of the dance sequence from Clerks II (which has nothing to do with Weezer. It just jumped into my head.)
- UGH! I knew it. Third song is some Creed/Nicklecrap/whatever-shitty-ass-band song.

Looks like the positives are winning out so far. I like that.
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My morning anxiety about the new job has receded, as I've now received an email with instructions on where to go from here. Phew!

And I think my interview went pretty well today. Here's hoping they'll take a chance on some unknown kid (namely me!) and let her press release writing and flyer design skills shine! (I know I have to have them in here somewhere!)

The other nice job-related news today was that a friend got a call from her friend at another NGO who is looking for a proofreader (as well as a copyeditor for someone else at the NGO), and my friend gave her rave reviews about me! So she's hooking us up by email tomorrow. That'd be awesome. The proofreading is only a short term project, but if I did it, and did it well, they'd probably call me back for more as it comes up. I don't know about the copyediting part, but I'm assuming it's also short term as well. But whatever! It'd be experience in the field I want experience in. So here's hoping that works out for me!

Other than that, I've been a little lax about applying to jobs lately. I shouldn't be. I gotta get back onto the application train. Or something.

I'm also trying to decide whether I should email Warren Kinsella (mostly about his April 26 entry, with which I completely agree). But then I'm all, "Dude! He's this guy I've almost idolized since 1995! I don't know if I can do it!" Considering I've yet to write to Dave Bidini, it would seem that I might not actually email him. Even though I should, maybe.
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But on the good side:

Random Canadian celebrity neighbour said hi to me as he walked by me while I was waiting for my ride to our basketball game!

And then I was telling my co-worker/several blocks over neighbour about it, and she knew exactly who I was talking about. Heh.

Dude! Cree Summer is his daughter! And his car must be the one with the Greenpeace and other environmental bumper stickers.

Good grief, I've almost turned into a stalker. I'm done now.

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