Feb. 3rd, 2007 10:55 pm
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Business notes taken!
Overview notes taken!
Children's Publishing notes taken!
Book review completed and submitted!
MS for next Children's Pub. assignment downloaded!
Overview assignment 3 started!
Heavy, tired eyes!
Break time!
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This is the weekend of homework. And dude. I'd forgotten how hungry I get while studying. Today, I have eaten:

- a yogurt and fresh blueberries, at about 10:30am
- a granola bar at about noon
- now I am eating crackers and some of a garden vegetable cheeseball

Which, now that I look at the time and see it's 2:30pm, I guess that's really not a whole lot, and no wonder I'm hungry.

Scott is hilarious: last time he went grocery shopping (Thursday night, I think), he bought a package of two cheeseballs for me, just because I like cheese and they were on sale. I've never had a cheeseball of my own before, and now I have two! Mmmm, cheese.

I've already stuffed my head full of accounting stuff for publishers. Now I am working on stuffing my head full of publishing for the college/university market. Then I will stuff my head with kid's publishing, and do the assignment that is late (good start for me, but it's a book review, which should be fun to write), and work on the assignment that is due soon. And start the assignments for the business class that are due soon, and the assignment for the electronic age class (which, surprisingly, is my only non-internet course), which thankfully, is only to define three things.

Of the stuff that has been marked, I've done well - full marks in two classes, and close to full in the other class. But not so good in the final one, since the first assignment is the late assignment. I need to get my butt in gear there.

Happy weekend, all!

ETA: Now, at 3:15pm, I am eating a bowl of garden vegetable soup. Yum!


Jul. 24th, 2006 11:53 am
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+ pirate jokes! (Thanks, [ profile] starfishchick!)
+ Especially pirate jokes about Don McKellar!
+ making plans for finishing my certificate at the end of the year and getting to take the exciting fiction course!
+ exciting fiction course means it will cost me less to finish, since it's a half credit course!
+ which means I can use the other half credit course I took to count towards my degree! It wasn't looking like I'd be able to earlier in the summer.
- being at work with nothing much to do
+ being alone at work with nothing much to do means I can do whatever I want!
+ which means I can listen to the radio!
- but not internet radio, because these computers suck and don't have soundcards/speakers.
- having issues with tuning in to the CBC
+ the first song played on commercial radio is a Violent Femmes song!
- stupid commercials
- breaking my "I haven't listened to commercial radio on purpose in over two years!" streak
+ I might possibly hear something that I've never heard before, and like it.
- I will likely hear CRAP that I do NOT like.
+ second song is from Weezer's pinkerton album!
+ memories of the dance sequence from Clerks II (which has nothing to do with Weezer. It just jumped into my head.)
- UGH! I knew it. Third song is some Creed/Nicklecrap/whatever-shitty-ass-band song.

Looks like the positives are winning out so far. I like that.
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What the fuck is with Ryerson offering NO full credit publishing courses this summer? BASTARDS! So if I want to finish in December as I was hoping, I'll have to take three courses in the Fall. Provided they actually OFFER the ones I need to finish up. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
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I get to go to a press approval this afternoon!

I'm so excited that I get to do stuff I'm taking courses for. Yay!

I am a nerd.

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