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One of my random tv watching obsessions is W Network. They have some interesting shows. I just finished watching an episode of Colour Confidential (a home decorating show where a designer helps a couple improve a room in their house). This episodes couple? Included the woman who played LD on Degrassi! (Who, according to IMDB, has done nothing else on tv/in movies.) About halfway through the episode I thought, "Man, she sounds a lot like LD, and her mouth does the same kind of 'talking out of the corner' thing as the actor who played LD!"; I'm assuming I'm right, since they are both named Amanda, she still looks a bit like LD, and the voice is pretty much exact. Plus, both shows were filmed in the GTA, and judging by the numbers of old school Degrassi peeps who still live in the GTA, it's very likely it is her.

Randomness like that (and watching another show and seeing the musical director for the church in which my office is located as a member of the "jury" to express their first impressions of a person) is part of why I'll just flip to that channel if I'm not actively watching something already. You never know who you might see!
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I haven't watched Laverne & Shirley in years and years, and holy crap, is Laverne's voice annoying!

Today was a nice day at work - I was helping get stuff ready for a big event tomorrow, then we all went out for a holiday lunch which lasted two and a half hours. Then I got to leave! A whole hour and a half early! So I got home at a nice time, which was very exciting. Not that I'm doing anything fantastic now that I'm home, but whatever.

Although I was kind of out of it once I got to the bus, and didn't realize right away that a friend was trying to get my attention. I feel kind of bad about it, because I didn't end up sitting near him (the bus was really full, and the driver was going up and down the aisle right then to make sure people got their bags off the empty seats) but I was pretty out of it, so I wouldn't have been good company anyway.

In fact, I appear to still be a little out of it. I don't think the computer screen is helping!
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D'oh, I've missed two days of my own private NaBloPoMo. Oh well.

I'm going to be baking up a storm tonight. I've made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (from Cam's yummy recipe!), and I'm planning to bake gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, and biscotti sometime, either tonight or tomorrow. I'm also in the midst of baking bread for Scott.

And I've set up the Christmas tree. It just needs to be decorated now.

I think perhaps I'll make biscotti now.

I'm sad that there are no good Christmas movies on tv tonight. I am sort of watching a really bad one called The Road to Christmas.

Huh, hitting shift 5 times turns on "Sticky Keys". Well. How about that? I have no idea what Sticky Keys is, though.

Okay, to the kitchen!

Oh, media

Jul. 29th, 2007 04:14 pm
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Man, today has been a good day, media-wise.

The current issue of Bust is really excellent. Rosario Dawson seems like an awesome woman, and the article on women who are joining convents was really interesting. An article with Bjork. News from a Broad still being really snarky and fun, even with a new author. And lots of neat book and music reviews. I usually enjoy reading this magazine, but I've really enjoyed this issue.

And then finding out that Buffy Season 8 spoiler )

And finding out that Joss Whedon is planning season 9 of Buffy, and a shorter comic series to explain what happened after Angel ended (because that was one crazy series finale).

And then finding out that Kevin Smith is writing the first episode of the Heroes: Origins series! (And finding out that it will be a short 6-episode series of possible new characters for the show, and that the audience gets to vote on which character they want in the show.)

I think there was something else I squealed in delight about, but I can't remember what it is now. But all in all, a good (for me) media-news day.

And I still have two more magazines to read! Let's hope the awesome continues.
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That tv show meme )
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My cat is in love with the Kratz Brothers.

It all started a while ago when the bad Saturday morning television on CBC I usually watched wasn't on, and instead The Kratz Brothers Be the Creature show was on instead. It was about birds, and Kaylee totally flipped over it. She was batting the screen, running around in circles, and then started batting one (and only one) of the Kratz Brothers.

So every Saturday after that, I'd make sure to turn on the TV for that hour so she could have some fun.

The other week I'd forgotten to turn on the TV in time. So she sat in the living room, meowing like crazy, and I was all "What do you want? You're fed. You've got toys. You've got water...WHAT?!" Then I looked at the clock, and realized her show had started a couple of minutes earlier. So I turned it on, and she was fine.

This morning I had the TV on for some distraction while doing dishes. Once I realized I was subjecting Kaylee (and myself) to The View, I hurried to change the channel, and decided to relive my childhood by watching some Mr. Dressup. And what comes on after Mr. Dressup? The Kratz Brothers' first show, Zooboomafoo! And Kaylee loves it, too.

I don't know if it's the brothers or the animals that she loves. When Daily Planet has animal stuff on, she doesn't bat an eye. But those Kratz Brothers? She goes crazy for them! She's currently sitting about a foot from the tv, craning her neck up to watch. Every once in a while I hear that static-y sound of her hitting the screen.

My cat is crazy. And a TV addict! I'm a terrible mother.
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I think it might be a good idea to watch the first season of Lost one day. Then I'd understand the looks and brooding and stuff a lot more than just what I make up in my head.

Just a thought.
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In re-hooking up the VCR so that I can actually tape things from the television, I can now get more than 3 channels!

I can watch Gilmore girls!

And other shows that I don't know are playing.


I've now seen Serenity twice. So good. So bittersweet. My original post was going to be "Dude." But [ profile] listersgirl already did that one.


Sometimes the state of the world makes me want to cry and never leave my apartment again.

I guess I should just keep telling myself that my job is worth it; we're trying to change it.
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The O.C. Season premiere, and the first commercial? Serenity!

Plus chocolate makes a really great night for my geekishness.

And then the next commercial break's movie was The Corpse Bride! Sweet.


Jul. 19th, 2005 11:10 pm
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Good grief, Wonderfalls is addictive. I picked it up last Friday, started watching it yesterday, and only have four episodes left to watch. So good! I don't know why I waited so long to get it.

I'm sorry Camcam - I really will finish Greg the Bunny one day soon! I promise! (You'd think I'd be all over the Seth Green - or maybe that's why it's taking me so long to finish it: I'm trying to prolong the Seth Green exposure.)

Edited at 12:05am Wednesday to add:

Yeah, like hell I'm going to bed after watching the "Lying Pig" episode. There are just not enough hours in the night.

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