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So, I bought a colouring book of mandalas, in a bid to do something relaxing and try to quiet the noise in my head. It's a pretty lovely book, and I'm enjoying picking colours and making patterns in how I'm using the colours.

But I'm gonna guess that the whole "adults colouring is a good idea for relaxing and meditation" thing did not mean for me to be doing it while watching The Walking Dead.

On the plus side, it is pretty relaxing, and I'm finally able to tell Cameron that I watched Season One, which he bought me years ago and that I've never watched until now.

Onward to Season Two, I guess!
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I am celebrating Christmas by watching zombie movies. Which are particularly awesome when they have a narrator who sings (and sometimes raps! AWESOME!), as in Dead and Breakfast. Next, I think I will move on to Slither, so that I can add some Nathan Fillion to my celebrating. Because what is a holiday without Nathan Fillion? A sad one!

Dude, I would totally join whatever religion considered Jesus a zombie. YES! (Please don't hate me, if you're religious. I think I ate too much chocolate a moment ago.)

I actually had to stop at the mall earlier today. It wasn't that bad - I only had one store to go to, I got a parking spot about 7 spots away from the door to the store, and what I wanted to buy was on sale! And I'd only waited in line for like 5 seconds before a sales person came by and opened another register to let me buy stuff. Woo! So the rest of today has been baking, watching cheesy tv Christmas movies, and finishing up the scarf for Scott's cousin. I think it should be done before the end of the movie. Awesome.

Merry Christmas, y'all!
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I'm at home today, since the roads were crappy here this morning, and the crapiness was going to follow me from here to Toronto, so I called work and said I wasn't going to come in. And no one has called me, which I am shocked about, but I'm glad, too.

So, I'm watching 28 Days Later, FINALLY (hello, hot Cillian Murphy!), and I just checked my email for a moment, and now I'm all confused about why all of a sudden they have to get the hell out of there. I should start paying attention. The bad thing about Scott's DVD player is that it "rewinds" at only one really slow speed, so I can type this while getting back to a good spot to start watching again. (My DVD player can rewind at several speeds, but it has trouble playing burnt DVDs, of which we have a good many, and most of them are the movies I used to own, so I'd want to watch them a bunch. I just can't win!)

Anyway, back to zombies for me. YAY!
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Yay! I have a new mouse at work. So exciting. My old one was nasty and...really damn old. And it didn't have a scroll thing, either.

Yesterday I hung out with my university friend Stina, who I hadn't seen in ages. Hooray! Very fun - we wandered around, window shopped, sniffed yummy LUSH products, and had dinner. She even waited in line at the bus station with me!

Tonight I am visiting Cameron! Hooray x2! We are going to watch movies with zombies and crazy clowns, and eat delicious food (and some not-so-good-for-you food), and have fun! I haven't had a movie night with Cam in a very long time, so it is exciting.

And yesterday, on my way to meet Stina, I stopped in a Propaganda, and oh my god, so many cute "One Angry Girl" bags! I need them all (except the one I already have, but I do need the matching wallet for that one now). Oh, to be independently wealthy. Or even just wealthy. Twice yesterday I ended up talking about winning the lottery with people; we all decided we'd splurge on something fun, and donate the rest (to various charities, and to TROMA films. Heh!). And then I promptly forgot to buy a lottery ticket (not that I do very often).
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Holy crap, I watched a lot of movies in 2006: 217!

Of those, 15 were seen in theatres, and 43 were TV on DVD seasons.


Veronica Mars Season 2
Little Miss Sunshine
Stranger Than Fiction
Twitch City
and Severed: Forest of the Dead (I finally got to see the Canadian zombie movie!!)

Although there were a lot more that I enjoyed, those just stick out in my head.

I will try to watch less movies this year, because damn! That's a lot of sitting around, and I didn't knit or do other crafting, or pack for moving for a lot of that time, and that's a little sickening to think about.

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