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While I didn't really read any more of the magazines I have waiting for me, the awesome did continue when I skimmed an article about no-cook meals, and found three meals that I could adapt to make for this week (including instructions for making couscous really quickly without using the stove). And then I went out and bought all the stuff I'd need, and now I'm set! So last night I made (fake) chicken salad in lettuce cups (it was supposed to be raddichio, but 79cents for red leaf lettuce that I could use for a bunch of other stuff verus $2-something for stuff I wouldn't really use sealed the deal). I threw in some ingredients from the other meals I'm going to make, and voila! Dinner last night and today's lunch. Awesome.

Also, thinking to myself, "it would be awesome if there was fake chicken at the grocery store, but I've never seen it before, so I'm not getting my hopes up" (it's not always the best-stocked for fake meat), and then going in and seeing exactly what I wanted was pretty awesome.

As was seeing Halloumi for sale (what I used to call "squeaky Cypriot cheese" but I'm hoping I'll remember the proper name now), and finding out it's supposedly good on the BBQ. I didn't buy any this time (mostly because we STILL don't have a working BBQ. My dad has been totally slack on that - he was going to fix it back in April), but I will in the future. Oh yes.

Not so awesome:

The annoying co-worker, who I'm not supposed to have to deal with until tomorrow, called me this morning, solely to tell me she saw the Harry Potter movie on the weekend. Why couldn't that wait until tomorrow, when she's actually in the office? It's gotten so that the little stupid things like this annoy me. Le sigh.

I think there was some other not so awesome, but I can't remember it now.

ETA more awesome: I just got an email from the place I did my internship at, and they've got another freelance project for me this week. Awesome! (Well, really it's a continuation of stuff I already did, but whatever.)
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I start this Friday! Eee!

And, bonus: it's not actually in Mississauga! The company's warehouse is there, and it's the only Canadian address on their website, but the actual offices are in Toronto, on the subway line. Hooray! SO MUCH EASIER to get to. (It's actually an office building I've been to several times, without ever knowing there was a publishing house there. Now that I think about it, it's the building where I decided I wanted to get into publishing/copyediting! I hope that's an awesomely prophetic sign.)

I guess I'll be leaving my Thursday night class about 10 minutes early so that I can catch an earlier bus home, so that I'm not getting to bed at 1am and then getting up at 5:30am. That would actually kill me, I think. My other option is possibly asking the lovely [ profile] vitaminbootay if I could crash on his couch on Thursday nights. We will see; hopefully my instructor won't care that I leave slightly early.
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I applied for a couple of publishing internships a few weeks ago. I heard from one, and had an interview, but then didn't hear back from them again (and neither did my classmate, who was being interviewed right before me). But I hadn't heard anything at all from the second place I applied to. But today, in my email, is a reply stating that they would like me to be their editorial intern! Craziness. It's one day a week, which is perfect, because I have one weekday free! Hopefully Fridays will work for them, but if not, it shouldn't be hard to rearrange my work schedule. Oh, exciting. I should email them and find out all the details. They're in Mississauga, which is a bit of a pain in the butt to get to, but it should be possible. Woo!
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Today has been productive. Been to the bank, done a review and initial proof of the annual report I'm working on and eaten some food. Now I'm taking a bit of a break before I do a final proofreading of the report, scoot on down to their offices to give it to them, and then head to the bus station to go to Cambridge for the night.

I will likely have some big news once the weekend is over. I kind of want to tell you all now, but I should wait until it's all down on paper and sorted out.


Yes! The CBC has finally decided to grace us non-cable people with the George! Hooray! It's too bad about some of the other crap they're adding, though. The Canadian One? Yikes.

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