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I think I'll be planting my garden this weekend. I have to decide what to put in it! Once again this year I'll be buying plants - I wanted to try to start seedlings, but I don't really have anyplace to do that at the moment. I'm hoping to finally replace the missing pane of glass in the porch, and next year I can start seedlings there, as it gets really warm and greenhouse-like when all the windows are shut.

I'll plant tomatoes, of course. And last year the zucchini did really well, so I'll have those, too. I'm going to try cucumber again this year - two years ago I planted cucumber, but something would randomly bite them (not eat them, just bite them), so I couldn't get anything. I'm hoping that since the zucchini was left alone last year, the cucumber will be left alone when it's planted near the zucchini. I want to start some lettuce, and green onions, too. And there's likely to be room for a couple other plants, but I don't know what I want yet. I guess I'll just see what's there that strikes my fancy.

For the herb garden, I've already got mint and chives. I will plant basil again, because YUM! Maybe only one dill plant this year, though, which would leave room for one other herb...or two, if I get rid of one of the chives (I didn't use the chives much last year). I'm not sure what other herb I want. I guess I'll just take a look and see what I can find.

I want to plant a couple flower gardens, too...I'm thinking along one side of the walkway to the front door, and along the side of the fence in the backyard. That already has some peonies, and a bunch of weeds - once I clear out the weeds, there should be a lot of room for a flower garden. I don't know if I want a more structured garden, or just a mix of stuff like the two beds already out front (a co-worker asked what was planted in there, and the only things I can identify are peonies, lily of the valley, day lilies, tulips and daffodils. I have no idea what the rest of it is!) - our neighbours have really nice gardens, so it makes me wish I was good at the structured ones like theres. It's just so much easier for it to be more wild! I admit it, I am a lazy gardener. I guess I'll just wait and see what I can find, and go from there.

I'll attempt to post photos - I can't find my camera cord at the moment, but Scott's got a card reader, so I'm sure somehow, I'll get them up eventually.


Jul. 24th, 2008 07:44 pm
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The first ripe vegetables from my garden!

The tomatoes (they are supposed to be small) were super delicious. I have not yet eaten the zucchini.


Jul. 13th, 2008 03:20 pm
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My garden is getting so exciting! Things are growing, and I am just waiting to eat them. It will be good!

Pictures! )

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