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Today at 3pm I have a quick "interview" with the HR Director for the position I applied for. It is an interview in quotes because I have had about 4 interviews with her for other jobs, so it won't be anything major. But hopefully it will move the stinking process along, and they will hire me for the new position already. Or not, but tell me that. You know, whichever (although I'm rooting for the first option, of course).


I am quite a fan of last evening's downpour. Finally my apartment wasn't stinking hot and disgusting. It was almost nice. I am looking forward to the rest of the week when the temperature will continue to drop. Yay!


Hair cut tonight (hopefully! Ah, I jest) - YAY! L'excitement.
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I totally forgot to relate this tale from my time in the hair salon yesterday.

As the one receptionist was trying to figure out whether she should reschedule me, or have someone else cut my hair, another woman came up to the other receptionist to pay for her cut. It was a $112 cut (and colour, possibly). She gave the stylist a $5 tip. $5! That's fucking ridiculous! My cut is $50, and I give a $10 tip.

She's probably a regular. And that's probably why her new haircut looked like ass. Seriously. She was at least 40 (and trying to look 18), and she just looked incredibly stupid. And it didn't suit her hair type. She had really thin hair, and it was all chunked together and spiked up, so pretty much all you noticed was her scalp. Suckahead!

So there was at least one benefit of not checking my messages at home (where the salon had left a message asking me to reschedule), and showing up at the salon anyway.

Making fun of stupid rich people can be fun. Because I am evil.

Le sigh.

Jun. 10th, 2005 06:59 pm
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Sometimes I wish politics/procedures in this stinking office were just more straightforward.

That job I applied for last week? I have no idea what is going on with it. I found out this past Wednesday that the Brand Manager sent the supervisor and VP for that position an email about how she thinks I would be a fantastic addition to their department, etc. Which was really sweet, and completely unexpected. But I have heard absolutely NOTHING from them about an interview, or anything! Which I'd kind of expected, because it takes FOREVER for hiring to happen at this place.

But then I found out that today they interviewed my co-worker's friend for the position. So I was a bit disappointed that they didn't want to interview me.

But then I found out from other people in that department that they've actually made two positions from the former position. So should I hope that they want me AND another person? Because they apparently do just shuffle current employees into open positions if no other empolyees apply for it, without interviews or anything (which is what was offered to me yesterday for the position I didn't want), and I haven't heard of anyone else who applied for it (aside from the temp currently doing the job).

Le sigh.

I wish I just knew either way. Because it's getting annoying to hear "Oh, you're a shoe-in for it!" when people find out I applied for it, but hearing absolutely nothing from the people who are supposed to decide on who gets it.


It's Friday, and I shouldn't whine, but here's one more. I was supposed to get my haircut tonight, but the person who was going to cut it got sick, so now I have to wait until Tuesday. I was really looking forward to getting it cut, too. Oh well.

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